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Employees Get Healthy with AVI-SPL Total Wellness Program

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Tampa, FL – At AVI-SPL, we treat our employees like family. That’s why we introduced a new employee campaign in 2011 called Total Wellness to promote healthy lifestyles among our team members. Krystle and I worked with our Human Resources team to challenge our coworkers to make healthier choices every day.

We’re just six months into the program, and we’ve already received lots of wonderful feedback from the employees. We’ve had an overwhelming amount of participation and we’re excited to share some of the wellness success stories with you.

Lisa and Valerie - 1981

One of the earliest Total Wellness challenges was to participate in an organized walk/run/race this spring or summer. The response to this challenge was impressive, especially among first-time race participants.

One of our favorite submissions comes from Lisa in our Ft. Lauderdale office. Here’s her story:

“I met my best friend Valerie at our first high school cross country practice in 1981. Through the years we’ve competed in 5Ks, 10Ks, ½ marathons, and mud runs, but the most memorable are the runs in between when we can run and talk for miles, sharing life’s ups and downs with each other. For me, there is nothing more therapeutic than a nice long run under the Florida sun!”

Lisa and Valerie- Beach to Beach 5K Run 2011

Go Lisa and Valerie! Thirty years and still going strong!

In response to the Total Wellness Challenge, our team members participated in a variety of races, including:
• Triathlon in Illinois
• 50-mile bike race in Dayton
• 10-miler in Baltimore
• Six days backpacking around Lake Superior
• 5Ks and 10Ks across the country to support a variety of causes, including Alzheimer’s Association, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Huntington’s Disease Society of America, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, American Cancer Society and many others.

Stay tuned to read more AVI-SPL employee wellness success stories here on the AVI-SPL Everywhere blog!

To your health,

AVI-SPL Employees Take it to the House

Midland, MIEveryone knows that there’s no place like home. That’s why 13 AVI-SPL employees abandoned their cubicles one sunny August day in Midland, Michigan, hopped on a bus and rode for 20 minutes to Bay County. No, they weren’t on their way home – but rather to help repair homes by teaming up with Dow Chemical to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, a nonprofit organization with a mission to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness from the world.

Habitat for Humanity chooses homes to restore based on the homeowners’ income levels or lack of resources, their ability to work with the Habitat crews or pay minimal expenses for the Habitat work and the families’ ability to assist with the revitalization projects.  Since elderly folks cannot work, they are asked to be home when it’s happening and to engage with the volunteers.

The 13 volunteers swapped their white collars for t-shirts and tennis shoes and got to work restoring a few houses in a nearby neighborhood. First on the agenda was a home needing some fixing up owned by a family of six – a husband, wife, three children and their grandmother.

AVI-SPL employees Tim Spear and Fady Kais got to work on creating a custom lattice with a frame around the porch. Since the frame had a flat top, they built a slanted cover to prevent standing water. They also worked on creating a locking gate for the lattice in order to access the area under the porch. “Difficulty arose from the porch and house not being level,” Kais explained. “Not only did everything have to be built exact, the gate itself could not be square.”

Other volunteers worked on painting a very porous and defined wall on the exterior of the house which required a type of blotching skill, making it difficult to paint. “It took a lot of paint to get into all the cracks and holes of the concrete,” explained Brian Gotts.

Jana Gerber, James Eich and Jason Woodford worked to restore the foundation of the house which is made of cement blocks that were deteriorating. “My job was to apply a cement mixture to the decaying blocks and rebuild the look of the block so it would blend in and match the rest.  Once set up and dry, the next team would come along and paint,” Gerber explained.   

On the same block, volunteers worked on a home owned by a 93-year-old woman living alone. After her husband passed away, the house started falling apart. But with some encouragement from her grandchildren, she applied to Habitat for Humanity and was selected.

The AVI-SPL volunteers got to work on scraping off the old paint from the garage and repainting it. “Since it was lead-based paint, we had to take extra precautions to remove it including wearing masks, gloves and avoiding skin contact,” explained Erin Lucido.  

 “The homeowner bonded with all the volunteers and loved the company,” said Kais. “By the end of the day, everyone called her grandma.”

 All the volunteers walked away with a wonderful experience getting dirty for a good cause.

 “I enjoyed being able to help out the city I have lived in and around for a long time,” Woodford shared.

“The experience for me was all about helping others. Sometimes when we’re at work we forget how lucky we are. We’re so focused on our jobs. When we help out, it’s such a great feeling,” said Anna Malabanan.

Kais added, “All in all we got a lot accomplished and our Habitat project leader said that our volunteers were some of the hardest and quickest volunteers he had worked with.”

“The great thing about the Habitat for Humanity event was that our team got to build relationships with each other and the community all while doing something great for someone that needed it. And they had fun doing it too,” shared Beth Andreski. “I saw big smiles and laughter the entire time I was there.  A few of the employees even stayed after their shift was over because they wanted to see the project through to completion.”

Since 1976, Habitat has built, rehabilitated, repaired or improved more than 400,000 houses worldwide, providing simple, decent and affordable shelter for more than two million people. For more information, or to donate or volunteer, visit

InfoComm’s Lunch and Tour Event in Philadelphia – a Success!

InfoComm Architects Tour

Philadelphia, PA – InfoComm partnered with Acentech, AVI-SPL, Biamp Systems and Chief Manufacturing to host a two-hour technology lunch and tour of the newly renovated Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia. The event, held Thursday, July 14, is the latest in InfoComm’s Lunch & Tour series aimed at audiovisual industry outreach to architects.

At the event, Philadelphia-area architects were treated to an hour panel presentation from expert panelists who were involved in the audiovisual installation from the inception through completion. Following the presentation, architects were given a behind-the-scenes tour of the latest technology installed in the Convention Center. Highlights of the tour, led by Acentech’s Larry McIntyre, included digital signage innovations in meeting rooms and the grand entrance, the AV control room, a state of the art digital recording room and an integrated emergency PA system throughout the building.

“It was very exciting to have an opportunity to show the local architecture community the intricate technology that we integrated at the Pennsylvania Convention Center,” said Tom Kelley, general manager of AVI-SPL’s Philadelphia office. “We look forward to working on future projects with the architects who attended this event,” he added.

The event was attended by more than 40 Philadelphia area architects, which makes it the largest InfoComm Lunch and Tour to date, said Molly Thompson, Member Program Manager for InfoComm International.

“There was a record turnout of architects and they all came away with a ton of information on what goes into designing a project of this scope,” said Ron Camden, vice president North American sales, Biamp Systems. “Tom Kelley from AVI-SPL’s Philadelphia office delivered an excellent presentation on AVI-SPL’s role as integrator for this project and some of the challenges they faced. You could really see the superb workmanship AVI-SPL produced in the implementation of the design as we saw the racks of equipment and digital signage throughout the facility.

“Also, Biamp’s Michael Frank spoke on how important it is for the architects, the clients, consultants, integrators, and manufacturers to be involved early on in a project to maximize the success and save on costs. The Convention Center was a perfect show piece for the architects in attendance to see what can be accomplished with great teamwork,” he said.

“If you get an opportunity to attend one of InfoComm’s AIA Lunch and Tours, go. You will learn a lot,” added Camden.

Special thanks to Acentech, Biamp Systems and Chief Manufacturing for making this project a success, and to InfoComm for hosting this terrific event.

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AVI-SPL Control Room Group Partners with AGC Networks in India

India – To expand our international reach, the AVI-SPL Control Room Group (CRG) has partnered with AGC Networks to jointly pursue turnkey design/build unified communication business opportunities in the Indian Ocean region. AGC is the region’s leading AV and unified communications integrator, but does not have a dedicated control room team, which made the partnership with CRG an excellent opportunity for both AVI-SPL and AGC.

Indian Ocean Region

“Combining the strengths of AGC and the Control Room Group makes for a formidable force in the market presently served by AGC, and we are looking forward to working alongside our new partners and gaining business in the region,” said Sean LaNeve, vice president of CRG. “With the CRG focus on mission critical control rooms and AGC’s leadership position in the regional unified communication market, we are confident we can provide a superior client buying experience and consequently make a lasting and meaningful impression in the market,” he added.

Speaking on this occasion, Vinod Nair, AVP – AV & Video Conferencing, AGC Networks said, “With this partnership we have addressed the experience deficit in the Control Room business currently prevailing in the Indian Market. Our partnership with CRG will get highly specialized skill set in the Control Room Business into India. At AGC, we believe in working closely with our clients to provide unique and highly reliable solutions across various verticals including power, oil, gas and defense, and our alliance with the Control Room Group is to address customer requirements in these verticals. I am confident that this partnership will further enhance our market position in the Audio Visual space as also maximize our customers’ return on investment through our customized collaboration solutions.”

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