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Visualize Almost Anything Fast And Easy with the Recordex Document Camera

For classrooms, boardrooms, and venues the iMMCam LB-350 delivers beautiful high resolution imaging or video of virtually any object or document.

Performance Power
With a high resolution 1.3MP camera sensor and precision glass lens the iMMCam LB-350 offers amazing resolution with sharpness and clarity. With up to 25fps of live video you’ll be able to stream video to your display easily and fluidly.

Capture and Save
Capture and store up to 64 hi-resolution images to internal memory, or enjoy unlimited video and still-image capture via USB 2.0 to your computer. The LB-350 includes passthrough audio and mic signals to allow for amplification or recording.

Powerful 352X Zoom and Auto Image Optimization
With 22X optical and 16X digital zoom, the LB-350 offers the ability to get up close to all the details of your documents, photos, maps, and 3D objects that lesser cameras simply miss. With auto-focus, auto-white balance, and auto-exposure keeping the image perfectly optimized you’ll be zooming in and out with ease.

Input Switch with Scaler
Run a single VGA cable from your LB-350 to your Projector and easily switch between Presenter, VGA 1, VGA 2, and DVD sources.

5-Year Warranty
Our 5-year limited warranty covers all parts including the LEDs. Parts and labor are covered for 5-years. For educators we offer a special 5-year replacement warranty. If the camera has a problem in the first 5 years we replace it!

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Looking for New Ways to Engage Your Students? Here’s How Video Technology Can Help

Are you looking for budget-friendly solutions that meet your curriculum objectives, as well as excite your students’ motivation to learn? Audiovisual technology offers a wealth of flexible possibilities to meet these dynamic needs, appealing to both auditory and tactile learners. In a range of advanced technologies, the simplicity of video remains a perfect medium for educators and students alike.

Creativity, Self-Expression and Engagement

By incorporating video in the K-12 classroom, educators expand their ability to reach students on a number of levels. From delivering pivotal lessons in history to exploring geographical terrain, strikingly displayed visuals can quickly and easily enhance your lessons. When students take control of the technology, the opportunities for creativity, self-expression and engagement quickly rise.

Where the traditional teaching method requires students to memorize and recall information, video production allows students to make their own observations, analyze the content, reinterpret it from their own perspective and take a hands-on approach to their presentation.

For a fun approach to learning, students can video science processes in nature such as the growth of a plant, birth of small animals and the hatching of chicks. As another example, your students can get actively involved in documenting current events such as elections, and expressing the direct impact a particular issue has on lives.

Capture Your Students’ Attention and Imagination

“In an increasingly digital world, equipping students with the power of video technology can greatly capture their attention and imagination,” says Gene Bashinelli, and education technology trainer with AVI-SPL.

Bashinelli’s extensive background in video production, including work with youth-friendly entertainment networks such as VH1 and MTV, has allowed him to witness this connection first hand.

“Between iPads, android phones and more, today’s students are increasingly tech savvy,” he notes. “Using video in the classroom allows teachers to make a huge connection with students.”

A Seamless Transition

So what are the challenges? Most teachers have cited issues with technology infrastructure, product selection, training and funding as reasons why they haven’t yet integrated video into their lessons. It’s easy to feel daunted by the concept of integrating video production technology into your curriculum, but today’s technology makes for a seamless transition.

The simple tools students can use to get started include a digital video camera, microphones and video editing software. One favorite of educators is leading manufacturer Sony, who offers an array of video technology for the classroom, including the HXR-MC50U camera and Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10 editing suite. While Sony’s camera is compact, durable and can shoot high-definition movies and 12 megapixel still images, the Vegas software makes it easy to import and edit movies, images, and music. The winning combination of this user-friendly technology makes it easy for students to jump right in and start creating their video.

Great Reasons Why Sony belongs in Your Classroom

With video, a world of content is readily available for students to better retain what they learn, express their deepest understanding of core classroom content and practice real-life skills. In turn, educators who adopt this interactive technology have found it to be invaluable. “I teach at risk kids and use video and podcasting in my instruction,” notes one instructor. “It has transformed my classroom. If we don’t get creative, we run the risk of losing our students.”

Find out just how the Sony HXR-MC50U handheld video tool can help turn your students into filmmakers. Click here for more!

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Explore New Possibilities for Learning with the Magic Planet Video Globe

With its stunning visual impact, the Magic Planet provides a truly captivating experience.

The Magic Planet amazes students, holds their attention, and keeps them fully engaged in the learning process; it makes teaching easier, and also helps students understand any subject with a global context.

Whether you teach Earth and Planetary Sciences, World History, Geography, or Social Science, the Magic Planet is an intuitive and student-friendly way to provide interactive instruction. With a Magic Planet, the possibilities are as boundless as your creativity.

Owning a Magic Planet means that more students will pay attention to your story, they’ll pay attention for longer, and they’ll have a more lasting connection to you and your message. This makes the Magic Planet ideal for any situation in which effective communication is critical.

The Magic Planet comes in twelve sizes from 16″ to almost 10′ (41 cm to 3 m) – there’s a size for every space. They can sit on a tabletop, be fixed to the floor or wall, or they can be hung by a lift from the ceiling. They can be driven by a computer application, by an HD DVD player, by a media server and synchronized with your other multimedia, or by a live streaming video source.

So, whether you’re after a 16” interactive personal experience, an incomparable “wow” factor, or anything in between, there’s a Magic Planet solution that’s right for you.

Watch a Video of Magic Planet!

Click here to watch ABC News’ coverage of the Magic Planet in action.

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Perfect for Digital Signage, NEC Launches Super-Slim, LED-Backlit Displays

NEC’s addition of the super slim X461S and X551S are the first in NEC’s large screen lineup to offer LED backlighting technology. LED display technology boasts the advantages of brilliantly crisp resolution, increased energy savings, and a longer lifespan.

NEC’s latest offering allows for 24/7 operation — with advanced thermal protection and a sealed panel design — to accommodate the most formidable digital signage industry requirements.  The X461S and X551S are also the first in NEC’s lineup to offer Intel’s Open Pluggable Specification (OPS). As the first industry-wide standardization in option slots,  OPS simplifies digital signage operations by allowing for easier installation, use and maintenance of the technology.

With Network Control and Communication, both models allow for easy remote display management. While Ethernet connectivity provides email notifications, RS-232 enables multi-display control and daisy chain capabilities to simplify usage.

Among the top features of the X461S and X551S:

  • 1920 x 1080 native resolution, with up to 4000:1 contrast ratio
  • Reduced power consumption (less than 2W in standby mode)
  • Landscape and portrait orientations
  • 10-bit color over an HDMI connection
  • Full connectivity, including DisplayPort, HDMI and DVID
  • Ambient light sensor monitors
  • Advanced scheduling of monitor powering up/down
  • Built-in closed captioning
  • Built-in 5W speakers and adjustable/removable carrying handles
  • Carbon footprint meter

Optional accessories and products for the super-slim displays include stands, wall mounts, external PCs, and media players.

Availability for Shipping

The X461S and X551S will be available in May and June 2011 at a minimum advertised price of $2,399 and $3,799, respectively. Each carries a 3-year limited parts and labor warranty, which includes the backlight.

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Get a Sneak Peek at Caméléon Telepresence in Action!

You may have heard about one of AVI-SPL’s latest innovations, Caméléon. Launched last fall, this powerful system combines the following into one easy-to-use, cost-effective solution (with zero construction costs):

  • immersive Telepresence
  • HD video conferencing
  • audio conferencing
  • local, multimedia presentation capabilities

With this in mind, you’re probably ready to see Caméléon in action.

And now you can…

We recently shot a demo video between our Chicago and Atlanta offices. Click below for a behind the scenes look! 

How Can I Learn More About Caméléon?

This customer-driven solution is designed to be adaptable to a variety of requirements, including adding a second participant row; automated room control for lighting, shades and climate; additional presentation sources such as DVD players and document cameras; and different color finishes to match existing office decor.

For a detailed overview of this system, as well as the full length demo video, feel free to check out our Caméléon product page by clicking here.

You can also speak to an AVI-SPL representative by calling 866-559-8197.