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Help Students Focus on Lessons with Ken-a-Vision Viewers

Ken-a-Vision’s new 7880 Auto Focus Vision Viewer™ and the 7890UM Digital Vision Viewer™ deliver superior image quality in real time. Display documents, nearby objects or even objects at a distance. Vision Viewers by Ken-A-Vision… making it easy to focus on teaching.

Vision Viewers offer one cord convenience, with no confusing cables to sort out that can bring your lesson plan or presentation to a stand-still. Simply plug the document camera into the USB port, launch the Applied Vision™ 4 Software and go!

The 7890UM has a high resolution camera with a fast USB 2.0 connection to your computer or laptop. This camera can focus on documents, moving objects, demonstrations, or even the presenter. Plus, it works great with interactive whiteboards.

The Vision Viewer is ergonomically designed with a swivel head that houses a 6mm glass lens so you can capture superior quality images showing details that you might otherwise miss. Included is Applied Vision Software so you can capture images, record movies, set up time-lapse, flip, mirror, rotate, adjust brightness and contrast, and much more.

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FAU Goes Green: Transforming Higher Ed Presentation Technology with LEED

Based in Boca Raton, Florida Atlantic University’s (FAU) College of Engineering & Computer Science is committed to sustainability. The college’s 97,000 square foot structure, opened in 2010, infuses the university’s “green” principles, and leads the way as the first academic building in the State of Florida designed and built to LEED Platinum standards.

“In working with AVI-SPL, we initially chose the building’s technology because we were striving for the USGBC LEED platinum level certification,” says Brenda Coto, managing director of technology and innovation, FAU. “What we ultimately found is that we were able to change the way that professors teach, as well as change the way students are learning.” Technology integrated by AVI-SPL includes Tandberg video conferencing, Crestron DigitalMedia, the SMART Sympodium, Mitsubishi LaserVue’s for energy savings and more.

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RADVISION Brings Video Conferencing to Mobile Devices

RADVISION, a key AVI-SPL partner in providing seamless video communication solutions, recently announced SCOPIA Mobile V3, which allows users of Apple iOS and Google Android to participate in enterprise video and telepresence meetings. Users will be able to connect with full video, audio and H.239 data content management and delivery solutions. They can also view video and data at the same time, and take part in HD video conferencing via telepresence systems by Cisco, Logitech and Polycom.

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Configure the On-Screen Display Controller in SMART Notebook Software 10

An On-Screen Display Controller helps preserve your projector lamp or flat-panel display. It detects the presence of a screen saver, and when the screen saver activates, the On-Screen Display Controller turns off the projector lamp or flat-panel display after a specified time.

As soon as you touch the interactive screen or move the mouse, the On-Screen Display Controller turns the projector lamp or flat-panel display back on.

You can also use the On-Screen Display Controller to switch between a resident computer and a guest laptop, and to control other functions of the projector or flat-panel display, such as volume, power and input source, by pressing the screen.

You can use the Control Panel buttons to put your projector into standby, adjust the brightness and contrast of the projected image, and switch the display source from the internal computer to a laptop or a VCR or DVD/Blu-ray player.

Fully Engage Students with the SMART Slate

The SMART Slate connects wirelessly to your computer from up to 32′ (10 m) away. While using a projector and your computer, the wireless slate makes it easy for you to comfortably interact with lesson material. Simultaneously, your students can view the same content on a large projection screen.

To further enhance whole-class, small-group and individual instruction, the SMART Slate seamlessly integrates with the SMART Board interactive whiteboard, the SMART Podium interactive pen display and SMART Notebook collaborative learning software.

Reach all students in your classroom by handing them the wireless slate and giving them the opportunity to solve problems or demonstrate their knowledge on a specific subject. For example, as you walk around the classroom, you can write out a math problem using the SMART Slate and then hand it to a student to complete the answer. Their work will be projected for the whole class to see, and the class can collaborate to reach the best solution.

Wireless capabilities also provide an added benefit for students with limited mobility, since SMART Slate can move to where they sit, and helps you reach shyer students in your class.

The SMART Slate™ wireless slate brings new possibilities to the classroom, giving you and your students the freedom to interact with digital content from anywhere in the room. As you use the pen to write on the surface of the wireless slate, your handwriting displays on both your computer screen and the SMART Board interactive whiteboard or a projection screen for all to see.

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