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Equipping the Hunt Library at N.C. State for Sound and Signal Distribution

North Carolina State Hunt LibraryFor the massive audio visual install at North Carolina State’s James B. Hunt Jr. Library, AVI-SPL installed solutions including video conferencing, interactive video walls, digital signage, kiosks, touch panels, cameras, projectors, video displays and advanced sound systems. To pull many of these components together, our engineers used Belden cables throughout the facility.

Tannoy speakers are also prevalent throughout the install. Our engineers went with Tannoy for multiple meeting rooms, and 32 pendant speakers for the Creative Studio. The pendant speaker solution was necessary because of the room’s open ceiling.

Read  how AVI-SPL integrated the solutions to achieve Hunt Library’s ambitious vision, and see our video about the installation:


Beyerdynamic Takes TG 1000 to Parliament

Image of Beyerdynamic TG 1000 system at Kiel LandeshausEarlier this year, we noted that Beyerdynamic introduced its TG 1000 wireless mic system.  Just today, Beyerdynamic announced that the TG 1000 has been implemented throughout a Germany parliamentary building.

The Landeshaus Kiel Parliamentary Building now includes 12 transmissions systems in its assembly hall, and other TG 1000 systems in its conference hall, visitor’s area and outdoor facilities.

Assembly Hall at Kiel Landeshaus

Video: Beyerdynamic’s Quinta Wireless Conferencing

This video covers the features and benefits Beyerdynamic’s Quinta wireless conferencing system, including its suitable for a variety of acoustic environments.  Contact AVI-SPL at 866-559-8197 if you have any questions about integrating your meeting space or spaces with today’s advanced, reliable conferencing tools.

ClearOne Looks at Effective Audio for Video Conferencing

An informative post at the ClearOne blog looks at the elements that go into successful audio during conferences. If you’re looking to get some background info before reaching out to AVI-SPL, this post is a good primer.

You’ll learn:

  • What today’s audio conferencing systems offer
  • Differences between simplex and duplex audio
  • Factors that limit audio quality
  • The technologies that allow for two-way conferencing without feedback

Read “Effective Audio for Video Conferencing.”