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Using Nature to Reduce Distraction in Open Workspaces

We want to work in a place that inspires us to create, focus, and collaborate with each other. Loud offices aren’t part of that deal. So to address this challenge, Plantronics and AVI-SPL are working together to offer Habitat Soundscaping™, a subscription, cloud-based service that combines nature-inspired audio and visuals in order to mitigate distracting office noise and conversations.

At the heart of this solution is biophilic design: the idea that bringing nature into the workplace improves well-being and performance. Research studies have indicated a positive link between health and living close to nature. Cognitive functions improve, as do health indicators like blood pressure and pulse rate. Subjects in these scientific studies have reported an improvement in mood and emotions when exposed to sounds and images associated with nature. Case studies have built economic cases for biophilic design in the workplace, showing links between natural environments and lower absentee rates. They’ve also shared results that people report higher levels of productivity and concentration in greener offices.

Habitat Soundscaping comprises three pillars:

  • Nature-inspired audio – Habitat Soundscaping service brings these natural water sounds to the open office, creating a space that is highly functional and promotes overall well being.
  • Natural scenes – A combination of natural audio and real waterfalls, or virtual displays of serene landscapes, help reinvigorate the office.
  • Intelligent software – To reduce distractions, the service actively senses disruptive, intelligible speech and adjusts the natural sounds in the surrounding work zones in real time to help others stay focused without interrupting any collaboration.

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AVI-SPL Webinar: Learn About AVB From Cisco and Biamp

On Wednesday, May 17, join us for a look at audio-video bridging from two of the industry experts in AVB. In this webinar, Cisco and Biamp look at the digital transformation that has converged AV onto the IT network. Reps from each company will discuss their abilities to help organizations of all types experience better meetings through AV/IT solutions on the network. Ginger Liu of Cisco and Chris Chandler of Biamp will help attendees learn how AVB affects Quality of Experience, scalability, and leads to lower TCO. Topics to be covered include:

  • Digitization in commercial spaces
  • Disruption in enterprise AV
  • Technology comparison and use
  • Platforms and roadmap
  • How AVB differs from DANTE and CobraNet

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Try Cisco Spark Before You Buy

With the Cisco Spark application, your teams can message, meet, and call from any device. It simplifies teamwork by making communication a seamless process that is managed from the Cisco cloud. Features include:

  • Whiteboard and share material in real time (same room or from different locations)
  • App-centric design
  • Hybrid services and architecture

And you can experience its features with AVI-SPL’s Try Before You Buy offering.

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Webinar Recording: Choosing the Right Technology for Your Corporate Meeting Spaces

During this webinar, Michelle Rydell of Epson shows what’s possible in the corporate meeting room or huddle space with Epson’s BrightLink Pro interactive whiteboard solution. She looks at its features, including annotation, content sharing, and the ability to integrate with Polycom video conferencing.

Brian Phillips of Polycom follows with an overview of solutions that make it easy to join video calls and share content from your mobile device. He looks at a variety of collaboration tools, including Polycom RealPresence Group, and audio technologies like NoiseBlock and Acoustic Fence, content sharing. simplified meeting control systems, and native Skype for Business integration.

Watch and listen to the recording for “Choosing the Right Collaboration Technology for Your Corporate Meeting Spaces” >

Webinar Recording: Advances in Ceiling Microphones

You can now watch and listen to one of our best attended webinars of the year: “Advances in Ceiling Microphones,” presented by Shure.

During this event, you’ll learn about the technology changes that have made ceiling microphones a valid option for your meeting rooms. Gino Sigismondi of Shure looks at features that make the Microflex Advance a superior ceiling mic, including:

  • Steerable coverage
  • Polar response patterns
  • Automatic mixing
  • Adaptability to different room layouts

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