When Surveillance is a Top Priority

With the advance of their new projection wall system, the City of Minneapolis has a much stronger sense of safety and security among its streets.

“The initiative for an advanced emergency operations center really grew in urgency after September 11th tragedies, and quickly gained momentum with the local bridge collapse in 2008 and the Republican National Convention that same year,” says Dave Roth, the city’s BIS public safety applications support manager. Today, their Emergency Operations and Training Facility features a Projection Design (F32FX+) video wall projection system, built from three side-by-side high contrast, high brightness DNP display systems. With each screen measuring 160” x 120,” images can be seen in four windows separate windows, with quick monitoring access around the city.

“The new projection display system allows us to look at a video feed and understand a situation almost instantly,” says Deputy Police Chief Robert Allen. “Through video, we can get information to our police officers a lot faster – especially when time is critical. With this new technology, we can see something happen even faster than a police officer 50 feet away.”

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