Top Reasons to Use Digital Signage

Digital Signage has quickly developed into far more than an electronic version of print advertising. Industry expert Lyle Bunn, who recently spoke at AVI-SPL headquarters in Tampa, Fla., explained that digital signage as a communications tool has expanded to include a number of systems that can be integrated throughout an enterprise. From merchandising to interactivity to employee communications, digital signage presents a number of benefits, including:

  • Revenue generation (in-store kiosks empower customers to find what they want, and provide third-party advertising opportunities)
  • Reduced perceived wait time (think about how useful those monitors are at making the time pass when you’re waiting a half hour on line at Disney World)
  • Limited need for physical upgrades
  • Reduced cost of print materials
  • Targeted messages (by day and time)

Watch Bunn discuss these advantages in a brief clip from his talk:

How Will You Use Digital Signage?

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