Meet an AVI-SPL Expert: Holt Stevens, senior design engineer

Holt StevensSenior Design Engineer Holt Stevens works from AVI-SPL’s  Greensboro, S.C., office. Holt has over 20  years of professional experience, and is responsible for the coordination, testing and integration of AV systems.

What did you do before you joined AVI-SPL?

After technical school I joined the U.S. Army, where I worked as a radar technician with the Improved Hawk Missile system. I was fortunate  to get a job with a systems integrator after I left a short three-year career in the military.  I have been working in the audio video communications industry for 30+ years.

What are you working on (or have worked on) that would be of interest to consultants?

Most of the consultant-designed systems that I have worked on are for higher education.  I have worked on a few house of worship systems and large-venue sound systems.

What made the projects you’re most proud of so special?

The job I am most proud of is a system that I did for the Missile Defense Agency. I have been able to do some real nice jobs in the corporate realm. I take pride being able to take a concept or design and exceed the customers’ expectations. 

What are the most important things you’ve learned as an engineer, and how has it improved the way you work?

To pay attention to detail and communicate is the key to a successful system.  The things that have helped me personally are to develop AutoCAD skills and digital signal processing programming. Technology has really changed over the years and it is a must to keep up with it.  Learning the physics of light and sound has remained the same but we have much better tools to integrate a system.

How do you approach working with consultants? Is there a common approach to all of them?

Trust and listen. The consultant has a relationship with the customer.  It is not always clear why the system may or may not have certain features.  It is up to me to make sure the system performs to both the consultant’s design and customer’s expectations.

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