AVI-SPL Welcomes New Education Consultant to Georgia

AVI-SPL is pleased to announce that Georganne Young will be joining our team as an Education Consultant for the state of Georgia. Georganne Young

Georganne joins AVI-SPL with 35 years of experience in education, including administrative positions at the middle and high school levels.

The implementation of technology into instruction is a passion of special interest to Georganne.  As the principal of a middle school designated as one of the pilot schools for Cobb’s 21st Century Technology initiative, she was involved in the implementation of SMART technology into the classroom from the actual installation of the products, through the training (which she completed along with the teachers), to the evaluation of teacher use of this technology in daily classroom teaching.  Noting a significant increase in student engagement and a corresponding rise in test scores, Georganne supports Marzano’s studies of the impact of technology in the classroom.  She eagerly welcomes the chance to help others move into the 21st century of instruction and engagement.

 A few goals for the Professional Development Team for 2012 will be to host Technology Conferences,  Workshops, Integration Institutes, support sales, and build ongoing professional development plans for schools and districts that will generate revenue for AVI-SPL.

Georganne states:  “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to become the AVI-SPL Education Consultant for Georgia! Moving into my dream job will allow me to share my passion for technology in the classroom and let me continue to mentor others as we (the wonderful AVI-SPL Education Consultant team!) facilitate the seamless integration of technological innovations into instructional practices. I can’t wait to work with the AVI-SPL team and especially with Jodi Carroll, the Education Marketing Manager for Georgia. Look out, Georgia — we are ready to hit the road with technology for the classroom!  Just watch student engagement, achievement and success hit new heights in the classrooms with our products!”

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