SMART Boards Prove Effective for Academy at the Farm’s Inclusive Curriculum

“We thought the teachers would really love it. Well, the problem is that they did!” — Ray Polk, Instructional Technology Coordinator, Academy at the Farm

Based in Dade City, Fla., Academy at the Farm is a unique K-8 charter school that serves nearly 400 students a year. Today, this A-rated school features SMART’s 680i interactive white boards and Elmo document cameras in nearly every classroom. “This technology has helped increased our kids’ enthusiasm, as well as that of our teachers,” says Director Mike Rom.

A Dramatic Difference
The SMART Notebook software has proven invaluable to the Academy teachers, from watching eager kindergartners perfect their penmanship to using the innovative programs to increase algebra skills among eighth graders. The school has also improved overall communications, using the SMART Boards to stream morning and afternoon announcements, and even have their students conduct live chats with Congresswoman Ginny Brown-Waite.

Tell us, how has SMART Technology helped improve the level of excitement and interactivity at your school?

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