Do a “180” on Classroom Technology – Let the Students Teach You

Student Ownership, A Constructivist Learning Environment,  call it what you like – it’s all about the kids. Students at SMART whiteboard

You create lessons and assessments based on their needs,  you work with their parents, and your total focus is on “what’s best for my kids.”  A strategy that gives students true ownership of the technology you have in your classroom:

• Promotes higher order thinking by allowing students to create own digital lessons
• Fosters a sense of ownership, involvement and confidence
• Provides you with your own classroom “Geek Squad”

Tips for doing a “180” and allowing students to be your Tech Coaches

• Think of that one (or two or three, or more!) students with behavior issues. Assign them specific tasks related to technology maintenance. If you have an interactive whiteboard,  allow them to stand by the board and turn the pages for you. (You know your kids, you’ll know what tasks they can handle.)
• Rotating Tech Squads. Each week, assign 4 or 5 students to be the designated Tech Squad
• Give students the Quick Reference Guides for your particular hardware, such as SMART QR Guides and training. Assign cooperative learning groups to each guide. Have the groups present and demonstrate what they learned. (Now you’ve incorporated non-fiction reading comprehension)
• Have students create their own lessons and quizzes using digital content. Then really use what they made!

With a little creativity and student input, you and your students can work together to embed technology into the curriculum.  The kids are learning more of the content by using the technology, and you’re learning more about your equipment, all at the same time!

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