Using Nature to Reduce Distraction in Open Workspaces

We want to work in a place that inspires us to create, focus, and collaborate with each other. Loud offices aren’t part of that deal. So to address this challenge, Plantronics and AVI-SPL are working together to offer Habitat Soundscaping™, a subscription, cloud-based service that combines nature-inspired audio and visuals in order to mitigate distracting office noise and conversations.

At the heart of this solution is biophilic design: the idea that bringing nature into the workplace improves well-being and performance. Research studies have indicated a positive link between health and living close to nature. Cognitive functions improve, as do health indicators like blood pressure and pulse rate. Subjects in these scientific studies have reported an improvement in mood and emotions when exposed to sounds and images associated with nature. Case studies have built economic cases for biophilic design in the workplace, showing links between natural environments and lower absentee rates. They’ve also shared results that people report higher levels of productivity and concentration in greener offices.

Habitat Soundscaping comprises three pillars:

  • Nature-inspired audio – Habitat Soundscaping service brings these natural water sounds to the open office, creating a space that is highly functional and promotes overall well being.
  • Natural scenes – A combination of natural audio and real waterfalls, or virtual displays of serene landscapes, help reinvigorate the office.
  • Intelligent software – To reduce distractions, the service actively senses disruptive, intelligible speech and adjusts the natural sounds in the surrounding work zones in real time to help others stay focused without interrupting any collaboration.

To learn more about bringing this service into your organization, go to our Habitat Soundscaping page >

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