Magic Planet Takes Visuals to a Global Level

Teachers and business execs alike have reason to be excited about the Magic Planet video globe. One look at the Magic Planet and its spherical digital screen, and you’ll understand why it’s so unique, capitivating and engaging.

When used in the classroom or a museum, Magic Planet makes scientific subjects — including the biosphere, weather patterns, history and more — come alive. Take it to the boardroom or tradeshow, and your presentations will come alive, offering the audience a 360-degree line of sight. It can also be integrated with third-paty applications so you can promote retail merchandise with this next-generation version of digital signage. 

Magic Planets range in size from 16 inches to several feet and come with a variety of software options, including ready-made lessons plans, as well as the ability to run interactive simulations, stream live media and play games in real time.

See more videos of the Magic Planet in action

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