FETC, iPads and Apps!

So much to learn at the Florida Education Technology Conference held in Orlando this past week! Many of the sessions showcased the iPad as the learning tool of choice for our students. However, there is so much more to using an iPad than meets the eye. Students love them, of course, which can be a double-edged sword!  There are the initial deployment issues, managing the hardware, curriculum integration, best practices for effective instruction, and much more involved in an iPad education initiative. We all know iPads are awesome, but how do teachers and schools use them for real student achievement?

Fortunately I was able to attend a session, “Using iPads for Online Learning,” presented by Jenna Linskens, assistant professor in the school of education, Marian University, Wisconsin. This was a BYOD session, or Bring Your Own Device. As she discussed the different categories of apps for education, I stopped taking notes and started downloading each one in rapid succession! Below are a few apps to download and try – most are free!

  • CourseSmart  e-textbooks
  • Inkling –Language Arts
  • Plizy – view videos from specific channels
  • Popplet – create graphic organizers
  • Teamviewer – computer remote control
  • Paperport notes – create, edit and annotate

And those are just a few of the apps for education available today; there are literally thousands of them to choose from!

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