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Interactive Whiteboards, Slates and Response Systems All Captured with AverPen

Ever imagine it would be possible to combine interactive whiteboard, wireless slate and response system features into one complete, yet affordable solution? Imagination is now reality with AVerPen, a true 21st Century Classroom solution. This exciting tool combines the intuitive features of existing interactive whiteboard technologies into a mobile, collaborative learning solution. You’ll stimulate teacher, student and group engagement, and gain immediate feedback. All from virtually any surface in the room!

Collaborative Learning Made Easy

AVerPen was developed to further interactivity between teacher and student or student groups while providing innovative new tools combined in an easy-to-use and highly mobile product.

Each student or group will learn, collaborate and problem-solve together, while the built-in Group Response System provides immediate assessment. Imagine the ability to equip two or more classrooms with a full 21st Century interactive solution for the average cost of purchasing and installing a single interactive whiteboard!

Teacher pens are able to control all features as well as activate, limit or expand student pen functions, and since the pens function on virtually any surface, mobility is greatly increased by eliminating the need to use a static board or carry a bulky state.

All AVerPen and AVerVision Document Camera features are wrapped with one easy to use software tool, eliminating the need for training and support of multiple solutions from multiple vendors.

Get This Technology for Your Classroom!

Say goodbye to board calibration, bulky slates, static teaching and constant whole-class instruction! Teach anywhere, and learn everywhere with AVerPen! Contact an AVI-SPL representative at 866-559-8197, or click here to request a quote.

FrontRow Lasso: Ties More of Your Classroom Audio Together

When it comes to AV technology for the classroom, teachers primarily focus on issues such as versatility, ease of use and effectiveness across all curriculums. FrontRow Lasso certainly seems to hit all the right areas, delivering a seamless blend of sound and cutting-edge capabilities.


What’s Included with FrontRow Lasso?


One-touch operation
• Two-channel infrared reception
• Four stereo aux inputs (including front MP3 input)
• One mono aux output
• Rack-mountable
• Optional page-override module
Energy Smart
• Energy-saving standby mode
Lead-free construction


• Lightweight and comfortable
• Excellent sound quality
• Easy-to-reach mute button
• Two built-in directional mics
• Two-channel infrared transmitter
• SmartChargeTM failsafe charging
Lead-free construction


• Install only two IR Speakers and two combo cables per classroom
• Full range sound and complete classroom audio coverage
• Extremely robust IR coverage

This innovative product serves as the workhorse analog option for schools with above-average connectivity needs. With four audio input options — plus two more through the superb FrontRow mics –Lasso reproduces all your media in beautiful, full stereo. What’s more, an easy field-installable page override module gives you the option to mute the Lasso system whenever the central office makes an important announcement. Lasso is perfect for media centers, computer labs, and other demanding instructional spaces.

Curious to Know More?

Contact an AVI-SPL representative at 866-559-8197, or click here to request a quote.  

Good News for Business Collaboration

Polycom recently announced that its UC Intelligent Core System will soon allow interoperability with other collaboration solutions. The news was greeted as a positive development in an industry for which communication between different vendors’ unified communications systems has proved an ongoing quest.

This announcement is good news for any business seeking to add a cost-saving video communications system to its enterprise. Polycom solutions will also be interoperable with the Cisco telepresence systems based on the Telepresence Interoperability Protocol (TIP).

Mike Brandofino, executive vice president of video communications and unified collaboration for AVI-SPL, was enthusiastic about the development, particularly because of the benefit it will have for end users.

“Polycom is definitely going down the right direction in saying it will support TIP,” said Brandofino, “especially since interoperability remains one of the main gating factors to mass adoption of video.

“It is better for the whole industry and customers if the major manufacturers implement whatever standards are required to support interoperability.”

Learn More About Unified Communications

AVI-SPL, the world’s leading audio-video integrator, works with leading manufacturers of collaboration solutions, including Polycom, Cisco and LifeSize, while offering its own Caméléon Telepresence.  Fill out our brief needs analysis form and one of our representatives will be in touch to discuss how we can increase your communications efficiency.  You can also call us directly at 866.559.8197 or email us at

Top Reasons to Use Digital Signage

Digital Signage has quickly developed into far more than an electronic version of print advertising. Industry expert Lyle Bunn, who recently spoke at AVI-SPL headquarters in Tampa, Fla., explained that digital signage as a communications tool has expanded to include a number of systems that can be integrated throughout an enterprise. From merchandising to interactivity to employee communications, digital signage presents a number of benefits, including:

  • Revenue generation (in-store kiosks empower customers to find what they want, and provide third-party advertising opportunities)
  • Reduced perceived wait time (think about how useful those monitors are at making the time pass when you’re waiting a half hour on line at Disney World)
  • Limited need for physical upgrades
  • Reduced cost of print materials
  • Targeted messages (by day and time)

Watch Bunn discuss these advantages in a brief clip from his talk:

How Will You Use Digital Signage?

Tell our experts where you need to improve your messaging to targeted audiences. Fill out our brief needs analysis form and one of our reps will quickly be in touch to answer your concerns. Call us at 866.559.8197 or email us at