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Say It With Digital Signage

If your business isn’t making the most of your customers’ valuable time, you’d do well to reach out to them with digital signage. We’ve all heard the mantra that content is king. Digital signage can be the ideal medium that content deserves.

Regardless of the industry you are in, digital signage will help you make a quality first impression with each of your stakeholders and the public in general. That’s because digital signage is more than just static, one-way advertising – it’s a dynamic way to engage with your audience. 

With digital signage, you can control your messages and keep them continuously updated — even remotely. As a result, customers are continuously made aware of the latest sales and products. Digital signage can be interactive, allowing users to flip through screens to find a variety of information.  It can also be used for advertisements, public announcements, directing new arrivals during orientation and entertainment purposes, such as trivia games.

Digital signage encompasses plug-and-play boxes as well as media players that can stream live TV.  Its content can be delivered via a memory card, or updated via the Internet. Weatherproof protection allows you to deploy a digital signage solution anywhere you need to deliver your message.

Digital signage is also a budget- and green-friendly alternative to traditional advertising.  You don’t pay the cost of printed graphics for each new promotion, and the technology has advanced to the point where screens use less heat and energy.

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Signs Point to Surge in Video Conferencing

The video conferencing industry may see an uptick if current analysis of the market holds true.

Research firm Global Industry Analysts (GIA) recently announced that the worldwide video conferencing market would bring in $10.8 billion by 2015. GIA attributed its forecast to the effects of globalization, cost-saving efforts and increasing acceptance by small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

While acknowledging that the recession has suppressed the communications market in general, GIA concluded that, as the global economy improves, companies will be willing to invest in video communications in order to increase efficiency and save money over the long term. It also pointed to ongoing technology innovations in audio and video, as well as the continued decentralization of working environments as positive influencing factors. Read the complete press release on GIA’s announcement here.

Matt Hemblen of ComputerWorld thinks the recent release of HP Visual Collaboration —  a suite of HD videoconferencing solutions — may work out quite well for the video conferencing industry:

“HP’s entry into desktop videoconferencing will further energize the market for videoconferencing, even as many newer mobile devices like the iPhone 4 have begun supporting real-time video chat.”

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Why Unified Communications Makes Sense Now

Businesses that have been cautiously waiting and watching have yet another good reason to enter the rewarding world of Unified Communications (UC).

Earlier this month, Polycom, a noted partner of AVI-SPL, announced it is developing standards-based H.264 Scalable Video Coding (SVC) technology for both current and emerging UC technologies.

What does that mean for you and your business?  To put it simply, you can invest in UC without worrying that your infrastructure will suddenly become outdated. More to the point, you can continue to reap the benefits of UC that make it so attractive to companies like yours – its user-friendly integration of real-time communication services, including presence, email, instant messaging and video conferencing. Companies will also profit from SVC’s ability to deliver high-quality video and audio at any bandwidth.

Because of SVC’s interoperability and backward compatibility, companies can protect the value of their current and future UC investments, an advantage that is especially important for small businesses that must be cautious with their budgets.

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Be Heard With a Classroom AV System

Any teacher who’s ever had to shout above the din knows how helpful a high-quality classroom AV system can be.   Students can’t learn if they can’t hear you or the audio from your teaching materials.

The Chief Manufacturing CoPilot Wireless Audio Systems for Classrooms fulfills that need by amplifying sound. It also includes assisted listening capabilities, RF wireless microphone, and GUI and IP networking that can monitor and control a single room or group of rooms.

With this complete AV room system, you can connect a host of devices that enhance the learning experience, including:

  • PA system
  • DVD or VCR
  • Projector screen
  • Up to two computers or a document camera

Cables and microphones are also included, as well as system administration software, so all you need are the audio and video sources, and you’re ready to teach. The CoPilot Wireless Audio Systems for Classrooms was designed for users of all experience levels.

This white paper on classroom acoustics stresses the positive impact an AV room system can have on the quality of classroom sound and how it can facilitate the learning process.  It also reveals how important a classroom AV system is for students who are hearing impaired or may have trouble distinguishing certain language sounds.

Watch the following video – taken at the October AVI-SPL University event in Tampa – and learn more about the advantages of adding the CoPilot system to your classroom.

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Easily Terminate HDMI 1.4 in the Field

Professional audio-visual installers can quickly and effectively terminate HDMI 1.4 capabilities in the field, as recently demonstrated by audio-visual cable expert Comprehensive. The following video — taken at the October AVI-SPL University event in Tampa — showcases the HDMI-EZ termination system and its ease of use:

HDMI 1.4 is a big improvement over previous standards because it supports high-definition video resolutions of up to 4096×2160. Another advantage of HDMI 1.4 is that it enables high-speed networking – at speeds up to 100 Mb/sec – and features an audio return channel that reduces the number of cables needed to send audio upstream from a TV to an A/V receiver.

As HDMI 1.4 connections are increasingly applied in commercial installations, it’s become important for pro AV installers to make efficient use of their time and quickly terminate them in the field. With this ability, they can create custom lengths ideally suited to any particular job.

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