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Read the Gartner Report: Satisfy Digital Workers and Improve Employee Experience by Embracing Choice of Workplaces and Tools

In this report, Gartner analysts say, “Digital workers achieve the best productivity when they can choose their own workplaces, devices and applications, but such individuality can be elusive.”  You’ll learn about the key challenges that organizations face as they try to support their talent with technology, including:

  • “IT specialists, business executives and workers must serve on teams that are diverse in how they like to work.”
  • “Employers focus too much on resume, title, role or surface characteristics when trying to determine a worker’s path in its organization.”
  • “Work policies are generally developed as a single default with a few exceptions because investing in detailed exceptions is hard to justify.”

Gartner’s authors also provide their recommendations for dealing with these challenges and, we believe, they make the case that supporting talented workers has never been more important to business outcomes.

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Gartner, Satisfy Digital Workers and Improve Employee Experience by Embracing Choice of Workplaces and Tools, 12 May 2020, Whit Andrews, Adam Preset, Josh Bittinger


Webinar on August 12: Digital Messaging Solutions From NEC

Many businesses and schools will soon be welcoming employees back to work and campus. Do you have a plan and the right digital tools in place to communicate your health protocols?

During this webinar hosted by Commercial Integrator and AVI-SPL, and presented by NEC Display Solutions, you’ll get insight into:

  • Relevant digital signage tools and solutions for the current environment
  • Proper communication tools for sharing important safety and health instructions
  • Safety concerns as they pertain to crowd control and people congregating

You’ll also get insight into NEC Display Solutions that include the latest innovative technology to get your message out clearly and efficiently. You’ll see examples of solutions like the NEC A Series LED poster, which can deliver health and travel alerts, government communications, retail messaging, and simple instructions so that you reach your audience quickly with accurate information.

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Register for Our Final VIBE Event on the Future of Education and Learning

Today is the third of our three VIBE events on “The Future of Education: Empowering the Next Generation of Leaders.” During today’s event, you’ll learn about the ways video collaboration, advanced room control, and intelligent buildings improve the learning experience while reducing the health risks for students, faculty, and staff.

You’ll also discover the strategies, tactics, solutions, and resources you can use to streamline your learners’ transition from graduation to the workplace, including:

  • 5G, 8K, and IoT
  • Augmented and virtual reality
  • Active learning 
  • Virtual field trips
  • CARES Act funding

To facilitate this discussion, we’ve gathered prominent thought leaders for a panel on innovation and insights into the ways technology will empower the future of education. Our panelists include:

  • Marci Powell, noted expert in distance learning and chair emerita of the United States Distance Learning Association
  • Jay Bosch, AVI-SPL director of business development for state/local government and education
  • John Stenzel, Legrand national accounts director
  • George Borden, NEC solutions sales architect

Stenzel and Julian will share some specific technology solutions from Legrand and NEC that you can use right now to create a better learning experience.

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AVI-SPL Enhances its Award-Winning Managed Services Practice in Collaboration with Microsoft

As companies adopt cloud services, they need to manage their meeting rooms so they can provide a seamless user experience and reach their business goals. AVI-SPL is committed to providing that support as the leader in comprehensive managed meeting-room solutions.  We’ve just strengthened our value to organizations by collaborating with Microsoft as a co-delivery partner for the Microsoft Teams Rooms Premium program being formally released for general availability at Inspire 2020. 

Through this delivery partnership, AVI-SPL will provide technology-agnostic remote support with real-time remediation (eliminating the need to create separate workflows for Microsoft Teams Rooms and traditional meeting rooms). AVI-SPL will also deliver dedicated on-site personnel, on-site services with service-level agreements, comprehensive monitoring solutions powered by AVI-SPL Symphony, and virtual event services.  

Consistent with the enthusiastic response Microsoft received to its private preview of Microsoft Teams Rooms Premium, AVI-SPL has received strong customer response to its shared intention of managed meeting room collaboration with Microsoft.  Customers are viewing this approach as a “best of both worlds” solution, enabling continued, comprehensive meeting-room support for the Teams experience, scaled globally by AVI-SPL and enhanced with the subject matter expertise and endorsement of Microsoft.  Unified Communications and Collaboration programs provided by AVI-SPL include:

  • Needs analysis and business process consulting to establish technology and design standards for Teams and to develop sustainable support models integrated into native IT workflows and platforms
  • Procurement and deployment services for premise-based and cloud infrastructure, cloud video interoperability solutions, and meeting room technologies
  • Customer success programs powered by business intelligence, technology lifecycle management – including remote and on-site maintenance plans, proactive managed meeting room solutions with real-time remediation, and conference and event management

Driven by a relentless focus on delivering a world-class customer experience, leading transformational continuous service improvement, and contributing meaningful thought leadership and innovation, AVI-SPL’s managed services practice has been driving value for organizations of all types around the world.  These services are anchored by AVI-SPL Symphony, a user experience management application that serves as the broadest single-pane view into technology estates, enables integrated end-to-end workflow automation, and generates actionable business intelligence.  Coordinated from AVI-SPL’s Global Service Operation Centers in the United States and in Europe, and delivered to organizations all over the world, the company’s managed services practice has been recognized in multiple Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards.  

With AVI-SPL and Microsoft working on your behalf, we can drive adoption of Microsoft Teams across your enterprise and provide the support that ensures it provides the value you expect. Businesses interested in pursuing a solution co-delivered by AVI-SPL and Microsoft are encouraged to engage their sales contact, or submit an inquiry to

Recap of AVI-SPL’s VIBE Event: The Future of Education

During the first of three VIBE events in July on the future of education, four experts in education technology got together to discuss the challenges and opportunities schools are facing in light of COVID-19.  Their talk touched on technology solutions that educators rely on to connect with and engage remote students, and that also address their health.

The panel included:

  • Marci Powell, chair emerita of the United States Distance Learning Association
  • Jay Bosch, AVI-SPL director of business development for state/local government and education
  • Cindy De Ianni, West U.S. regional GEM, sales, Poly
  • Adam Sowers, manager, consultant relations, Western region, NEC

They also looked at on-campus solutions that can connect a classroom-based educator with those in the same room as well as distance-learning students. Other topics included:

  • CARES Act funding
  • Steps schools can take to prepare for distance learning this coming semester
  • The role and capabilities of digital signage to deliver mass notification
  • Supporting immersive experiences like labs in a remote environment
  • Solutions from Poly and NEC for online and in-person learning and messaging

One of the key takeaways for me was the need for K-20 education to step up and meet the demands of next-generation learners so they can seamlessly transition into the workplace. Powell discussed the kind of technology and tactics that schools can use as part of this effort, including augmented and virtual reality, 5G networks, 8K resolution, and gamification.

You still have a couple of chances to be a part of this informative series, as AVI-SPL is hosting one on Tuesday, July 21, and on Thursday, July 23.

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