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How AV Integration Know-How Enhances the Value of Microsoft Surface Hub

The recent introduction of the Microsoft Surface Hub has generally been greeted with a lot of interest and enthusiasm at the intersection of business, AV and IT. That’s no surpriMicrosoft_Surface_Hub-1se, because the company that has had such a powerful impact on our personal lives has introduced a device that is poised to change and improve how we collaborate in and around the workplace.

Today, AVI-SPL SVP of Sales & Operations Dale Bottcher is taking the stage at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, and he’s using the occasion to share a similarly enthusiastic message on LinkedIn. I encourage you to read what Dale has to say on Microsoft’s alignment with the AV channel for delivery of its Surface Hub, and why AVI-SPL is well qualified to be an integral part of bringing it to organizations worldwide.

Read “Taking the Stage for Microsoft Surface Hub Adoption.”

Then, visit our Microsoft Surface Hub page to learn more about its ability to improve team collaboration, and to order your Surface Hub.

North Carolina State’s Hunt Library Continues to Amaze

When the Hunt Library at North Carolina State University had its grand opening in the spring of 2013, it marked another in a timeline of proud moments for AVI-SPL.

That’s because we integrated collaboration and visualization systems that would help redefine and expand the idea of what a library could be. It won awards. It received praise in the media. We filmed a video case story that shared the library’s vision, what it would offer guests, and why it was so special.

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