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AVI-SPL Video Conferencing Security Device Honored

Block ME deviceAVI-SPL’s Block ME™ device, which stops unwanted video calls from launching, has received an Internet Telephony Product of the Year award for 2014 from TMC. TMC is a marketing media company that serves the communications and technology industries.

Block ME was first introduced at InfoComm 2013 last June. At the press of a button, video calls are blocked from being initiated or received.

Learn more about Block ME at the AVI-SPL website.

Video Conferencing Trends in 2014

On Wed., January 29, at 11am PST, 2pm EST, Lifesize Video Evangelist Simon Dudley will join Howard Lichtman of Telepresence Options for “Why 2014 is the Year for Video Conferencing.” This webinar will cover:

  • The emerging trends and predictions for video conferencing technology in 2014 and beyond
  • Interesting use cases of video collaboration that you can apply in your organization
  • How the explosive growth of mobile technology will fuel the adoption of video conferencing

Simon is always fun to listen to — he’s smart, opinionated and not afraid to tell it like he sees it.

Register for the webinar.


Video That Links Students and Employers

AVI-SPL helps community colleges with distance learning and links them to workforce programs. Businesses can connect with colleges, conduct job interviews and recruit talent via video conferencing. Community colleges can also link with their peers so students from one can take courses the other doesn’t offer.

How significant are these programs? In 2013, the Department of Labor made available nearly $475 million for partnerships between community colleges and businesses. A fourth round of funding will be available for applications in early 2014.

Need inspiration for building your own career pathway program? Look at some examples of career pathway programs from states across the U.S.

Linked Learning

On a related topic, Linked Learning integrates college preparatory academics with rigorous technical training and work-based learning in career themed pathways, including engineering, health care, manufacturing and more. (Take a look at the California Community College Linked Learning Initiative.) Linked Learning students see how what they are learning in school applies in the real world, and they gain the academic and professional skills needed to succeed in both college and in the workforce.  Growth in the number of partnerships between employers, high schools, and community colleges is needed to provide Linked Learning and related work-based learning options for students.

With 31 regional offices across the United States and over 86% of the Fortune 100 as our customers, AVI-SPL can bridge the divide between the private and public sector.  We’ve worked with corporations, school districts, state and local governments and federal funding programs to provide our experience and expertise integrating collaborative technologies across communities.  This is strategic workforce development, and a strategic partner is required to bring these projects to fruition.

Contact AVI-SPL’s Tracie Bryant, VP of sales for state, local and education, at or 972-679-9922 to start the process of bringing video conferencing into your educational institution.

Coming Down With Something? Go to Work by Video

Just in time for the weekend, I’ve started to come down with a cold. And better the weekend than the work week, right? But sore throats and runny noses can’t be relied upon to accommodate our schedules. And that makes video so nice to have when you need someone’s expertise but not their germs. It’s a point Cisco makes in this video. (And if you think you recognize the actress who’s got the sneezes, you’re probably right — she also appears in those Lumosity video ads.)

Four Mistakes Companies Make With Video Conferencing

Video collaboration can improve processes in all types of markets. But do you know the pitfalls to avoid? In this AVI-SPL white paper, featuring input from experts at our company as well as Cisco, you’ll learn how to avoid these common mistakes:

  1. Limiting a strategy to dedicated video conferencing systems
  2. Underestimating network requirements
  3. Buying before trying the solution
  4. Overlooking managed services and support

Download the white paper on creating a video collaboration strategy. Call AVI-SPL at 866-559-8197 if you have any questions or want our guidance in implementing a video conferencing solution.