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Webinar Recording: Collaboration Solutions for an Emergency Response Facility

Minneapolis EOTF command centerThe recording of “Collaboration Solutions for an Emergency Response Facility” is now available. AVI-SPL Design Engineer Gerry Pehl explains the process of designing and integrating solutions for the City of Minneapolis Emergency Operations Training Facility and Strategic Information Center. This webinar also gives insight into the care AVI-SPL takes in working with its clients.

Listen to the recording of “Collaboration Solutions for an Emergency Response Facility.”

TeleDx™ Diagnostic Cart — Remote Patient Examinations

AVI-SPL TeleDx Diagnostic CartLast week we looked at AVI-SPL’s E3Connex medical solutions, which gives patients access to education, entertainment and their medical records. This week we’ll get a brief overview of the TeleDx™ Diagnostic Cart, a solution that empowers physicians and nurses to remotely examine patients.

The TeleDx is a mobile cart that healthcare providers use to conduct remote examinations via commonly used diagnostic devices. This is an MDDS-compliant telemedicine device that supports exam functionality like  EKG, blood pressure and ultrasound. At the same time, it enables real-time video and audio communication between doctor and patient.

Learn more about TeleDx™ Diagnostic Cart. For any questions, call us at 866-559-8197 or fill out this contact form.

Medical Solutions for IT/Facilities

Last week, we looked at two of the solutions from AVI-SPL’s Medical Group: Mommy’s Hear™ and the Critical Area Monitoring solution (CAMS™). Today, I’d like to introduce you to E3Connex .


E3Connex is a display terminal that gives patients bedside access to education, medical records and entertainment options. Benefits:

  • Patients communicate with friends and family via telephone, IM, email and video calls
  • Access to patient medical records, education materials, and clinicians
  • Redirects patient requests to appropriate line of service
  • Multiple entertainment options, including social media, video on demand, and IPTV

Learn more about E3Connex.  For any questions, call us at 866-559-8197 or fill out our contact form.

AVI-SPL Webinar: Collaboration Solutions for an Emergency Operations Facility

Join us Thurs., July 18 at 1 pm EST for “Collaboration Solutions for an Emergency Operations Facility.” During this webinar, AVI-SPL Design Engineer Gerry Pehl will guide attendees through the steps taken to integrate the Minneapolis Emergency Operations Training Facility with state-of-the-art video communications and collaboration technology and improve the city’s ability to respond to emergencies. Gerry will also discuss the Crestron technology in this project, including control panels , video processors, and DigitalMedia. This free webinar is made possible through Crestron sponsorship.


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About the presenter

Gerry Pehl, Design Engineer for AVI-SPL in Saint Paul, Minnesota, has been involved in communication media technology since the mid 1990s. He has worked in live event production, increasingly specializing in visualization, video processing, and display technology. His experience includes the design, development and commissioning of large, multi-system integrations and special applications for clients including the City of Minneapolis and large, multinational corporations.

AVI-SPL Hospital Monitoring Solutions

Last month, I introduced you to AVI-SPL’s award-winning medical team. I also mentioned a few of the solutions we’ve produced to improve healthcare outcomes.

Today, we’re going to look at two of those solutions: Mommy’s Hear™ and Critical Area Monitoring solution (CAMS™).

Mommy’s Hear

Mommy’s Hear gives parents the ability to interact live with their babies via video while they are undergoing treatment in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). With Mommy’s Hear, Parents and other family members can remotely view and monitor their child’s progress using any personal computer or smart phone. This NICU monitoring system allows mothers and fathers  to speak to their children as well. Studies show the introduction of sounds like the mother’s voice reduces cardio-respiratory events common to premature infants and can aid in the child’s development while promoting bonding when parents can’t be at the hospital.

Critical Area Monitoring System™

The Critical Area Monitoring Solution (CAMS™) ensures the safety of patients from a centralized location. This is a networked-based, standalone IP video monitoring system that empowers healthcare providers to monitor patients and see that they receive the care they need.

The base system CAMS features a remote camera control station that supports dozens of HD static cameras whose images can be viewed in any combination on a 23-inch touch-screen display. In full-screen mode, the camera’s built-in microphone becomes active, providing one-way audio to the charge desk’s computer speakers. Inside the OR, an LED light on the camera informs occupants the room is being monitored. For privacy, these features can also be disabled.

Click the links to learn more about Mommy’s Hear and CAMS.  For any questions, call us at 866-559-8197 or fill out our contact form.