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AVI-SPL Supports Audio-Video Communications With Unify ME

AVI-SPL recently unveiled Unify ME™, its comprehensive blend of services that holistically supports the audio-video communication needs of all kinds of companies and organizations.

Backed by the Pro AV industry’s most experienced and dedicated professionals, AVI-SPL designs, builds, installs and maintains the communication systems your company needs to succeed.

Unify ME comprises three main service offerings: Cloud-based Services, Support Services and Professional Services. Here is a look at each in brief:

Cloud-based Services

These services let you easily connect with your video communications network, including telepresence rooms, video endpoints and home office workers .

Unify ME™ Connect

  • Network infrastructure setup
  • Quality of Service connectivity
  • Support for traditional and HD calls
  • Remote management connections
  • Business to business exchanges

 Unify ME™ Control

  • Comprehensive room, call and network monitoring
  • Performance reporting
  • Complete conference production
  • Live technical support

 Unify ME™ Communicate

  • Meeting services
  • Multipoint video conferencing
  • Managed conferencing, webcasting, and B2B call launching

 Unify ME™ Content

  • Digital Media as a Service (DMaaS)
  • Minimal equipment investment and infrastructure
  • Highly scalable
  • Online portal for content creation, distribution and management

Support Services

Our Customer Care Program provides comprehensive support for your investment, with three tiers of contract options: One-Year Warranty, Preferred (remote service) and Onsite. We also have optional contract upgrades that provide enhanced levels of service: Exclusive, Preventative Maintenance, First Call Consolidation and Remote Alarm Response.

Customer Care Program

  • Unlimited technical support
  • Onsite service/support
  • Warranty parts repair/replacement
  • Annual business review

 Customer Care Upgrades

  • Exclusive (includes 24/7/365 phone support)
  • Preventive Maintenance (checks the operational health of equipment)
  • Remote Alarm Response (proactive device monitoring)
  • First Call Consolidation (one help desk for customers with multiple support contracts)

Professional Services

AVI-SPL’s professional services ensure  the environment and experience of your video communication systems meet your expectations. Our highly trained teams hold hundreds of certifications from the major vendors, such as Cisco, Polycom, Crestron, AMX, Extron , Smart, LifeSize and many others. As a result, we are well qualified to handle complex infrastructure installations and stage multimedia events that make a positive impact on your audience. Our core competencies include:

  • Emerging technologies
  • Managed implementations
  • Project management

Put our Expertise to Work for You

With AVI-SPL as your partner, you can have the communication systems that are ideally suited to your company. Tell us what you need, and we’ll help you reach your goals.  Call us at 866-825-0311 or 1-813-387-3055 (international). We look forward to hearing from you.

The Appeal of Digital Signage

A recent article by Digital Signage Today features an eye-opening infographic that illustrates just how effective digital signage is at reaching audiences in nearly any location. Businesses and organizations of all types — including healthcare, education and government — can see the many ways that digital signage communicates messages related to:

  • Marketing
  • Education
  • Wayfinding
  • Targeted ads
  • Point of Service

Among the noteworthy statistics, 70 percent of Americans are exposed to place-based video every month. The U.S. remains the largest global market, while China is the fastest growing. Read the complete article.

Digital Signage: It's all around us   [Infographic]
Digital Signage: It’s all around us [Infographic] compliments of

Build Your Digital Signage Solution

Through AVI-SPL’s Unify ME Content program, you rely on our cloud-based services to create, deliver and manage targeted messages for any audience. Contact AVI-SPL at 1-800-282-6733 or fill out our brief needs analysis form and one of our experts will quickly be in touch with you.

Webinar Recording: Advancing Business Processes Through Unified Communications

AVI-SPL University logoDuring AVI-SPL’s recent webinar, “Advancing Business Processes Through Unified Communications,” Polycom’s Louis Duchesne discussed the benefits a unified communications solution can have for businesses and organizations, including greater efficiency in recruitment, training, sales and time to market, as well as reduced travel and downtime. Louis also offered a number of scenarios that demonstrated the real-world gains savings afforded by a strategic unified communications solution. 

If you missed this event, or want to go over the information again, you can access the recording as well as the accompanying slides from the presentation.

You can also download Polycom’s informative seven-page pdf: “ROI in Action: How Polycom’s Collaboration Network Benefits the Bottom Line.”

Find Your Unified Communications Solution

If you are considering unified communications for your organization, be sure to contact AVI-SPL, the worldwide leader in pro AV integrations. We design, build, implement and support solutions from manufacturers like Polycom that will make your operations more efficient and productive, and enhance your ability to compete. Call us at 1-800-282-6733 or fill out this brief needs analysis form, and one of our experts will quickly get back to you.

July 19 Webinar: Video Routing and Processing in Disparate Hybrid Environments with TV One

AVI-SPL University Professional Series logo

For those in the audio-visual industry, hybrid environments present the challenge of including a mix of digital and analog signals. Designers and integrators who want to unrestrictedly distribute and process audiovisual signals via a centralized matrix router (i.e. house router) must account for signal distribution, routing, and processing.

On Tuesday, July 19, 1 p.m. EST, we invite you to attend “Video Routing and Processing in Disparate Hybrid Environments,” a webinar presented by TV One and hosted by AVI-SPL as part of its University Professional Series. During this presentation, you’ll learn how designers and integrators can distribute and process AV signals via a centralized matrix (or house) router. You’ll also learn about TV One’s CORIOMax solution, its new line of routers/processors designed to solve the hybrid environment problem.

What You Will Learn

  • Most popular digital interfaces and their application
  • Current challenges of routing and processing video signals in hybrid environments
  • Innovative archetype; image processing directly from central video router (“all-in-a-box” approach)
  • Introduction to “first-of-a-kind” format-agnostic intelligent routers/processors (CORIOMatrix and CORIOMaster)

About the Presenter

Jay Gonzalez

Jay Gonzalez is the Southeast regional manager for TV One, and has over 20 years of experience in the AV and broadcast industries.  Before joining TV One, he was Vice President of New Technology at Media Technology Solutions, LLC, an audiovisual technology think tank and innovative branded solutions provider.  Additionally, Jay has an impressive engineering background that was augmented during his 13-year tenure at Panasonic Broadcast & Television Systems Company where he began his career as Senior Engineer and through several successive promotions, became National Engineering Manager. 

We look forward to you joining us for this informative webinar. Register here.

Polycom Makes Push for Video Conferencing Interoperability

As part of its ongoing effort to encourage and foster interoperability among providers of video conferencing and telepresence solutions, Polycom recently announced that it has teamed up with a number of service providers to form the Open Visual Communications Consortium (OVCC).

The goal of the OVCC is to enable businesses, education and healthcare organizations to collaborate from anywhere in the world via a standards-based visual communications exchange. Video systems to be supported include telepresence, high-definition and standard definition systems, as well as desktop clients and mobile devices. The hope is that by connecting millions of enterprise users through secure, standards-based interoperable systems, the OVCC will drive B2B applications as well as market growth.

Read Polycom’s press release on the consortium.

A Video Communications Solution Designed for You

Streamline your collaborations and make faster decisions through video communications solutions designed, installed and supported by AVI-SPL. Fill out our brief needs analysis form or speak with one of our experts at 1-800-282-6733.