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The Power of Video-Based Communications

Distance LearningE-learning tools that facilitate synchronous and asynchronous access to information have opened the classroom to a world of dynamic instruction and learning. In “The Power of Video-Based Communications,” you’ll discover that blended learning – combining face-to-face instruction with on-demand access to information – has been shown to exceed the results of the traditional brick-and-mortar classroom. The success of blended learning approaches provide a compelling reason for schools to equip their classrooms with the latest video-based technologies. Click here to download this tech briefing paper. »

Transform Your Classroom

AVI-SPL designs, installs and supports dynamic classroom environments that support video-based technologies like distance learning. Give us a call at 800-282-6733 or fill out our brief needs analysis form and one of our experts will quickly be in touch.

CRG Expands Vertical Markets, Offers Interactive Q&A for Customers

By David Jones, Sales Manager Control Room Group

The Control Room Group (CRG) is preparing to celebrate its 10th anniversary in June! Since I last wrote, we’ve made quite a few enhancements to the “look and feel” of the group.

While our primary mission of designing, integrating, installing and supporting mission critical control room environments has not changed – in fact, there is even more of a laser focus on that – we have expanded our presence into other segments of the control room market and begun improving our Internet presence.

Our vertical sales structure and approach makes the CRG unique to the market. Most importantly, this ensures that you as a client work with an expert technical team that focuses specifically on your industry.

With this in mind, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve expanded to include three new markets. So complementing our existing Transportation, Utilities/Process Control, Corporate and Government system specialists are sales teams that focus on the following:

  • Visualization and Simulation
  • Physical Security
  • Technical Furniture and Environments

Contact me and I’ll put you in touch with our new technical teams.

CRG Gets Interactive

I’d also like to invite you to visit the CRG website, and be the first in your group to participate in an interactive Q&A with the Vice President of the CRG, Sean LaNeve, and/or the Production Manager for the CRG, David Opitz. Sean and David will address a variety of questions about the CRG, and the role they play in keeping us at the forefront of the control room industry.

Q&A with CRG Vice President Sean LaNeve

Q&A with CRG Production Manager David Opitz

Wait, What’s That About a Free System Design?

Well that’s it for now, but I’d like to extend the offer — with a twist – that I made in my last blog in ’10 with regards to a free system design. I’ll offer a free system design (in each of the vertical we service) to the first person who contacts me and correctly indentifies the color of shirt Sean is wearing in his question and answer session. You can call me at 888-619-9083 x 8010 or reach me via email at

AVI-SPL and Cisco Deliver Collaboration Solutions

Now is the time to build up your business operations with the Cisco Collaboration Architecture. AVI-SPL combines its unmatched Pro AV integration expertise with Cisco’s innovative communication tools, delivering solutions that enhance your business operations. Through the power and flexibility of unified communications, Cisco’s Collaboration Architecture provides what all businesses want: a better user experience of the technologies that bring people together anywhere, anytime.

At the heart of the Cisco Collaboration Architecture is the ability to communicate and work with others anywhere in the world across a variety of devices and applications – including mobile, desktop PC and in-room. Video collaboration not only saves on travel expenses, it also speeds the decision-making process and allows companies to scale their expertise. Training sessions of all types and company meetings can be held one-to-one or among large groups of people via video tools such as TelePresence and video conferencing.

AVI-SPL designs, builds and supports environments that allow you to share video, files and audio with anyone, anywhere, in real time. Together, AVI-SPL and Cisco make it easy to find, contact and collaborate with others both within and outside your enterprise.

Choose the Cisco Collaboration Architecture to Expand Your Communications Power

For an independent assessment of your current collaboration capabilities, fill out AVI-SPL’s brief needs analysis form or talk to one of our experts at 800-282-6733.

AVI-SPL’s Commitment to Quality

What makes AVI-SPL the worldwide leader in Pro AV solutions? In short, it’s our depth of experience and passion for working with the latest technologies. AVI-SPL’s unmatched level of expertise includes a partnership with more than 700 of the industry’s top manufacturers and more certified technicians than any other AV company.  Our highly trained teams also hold hundreds of certifications from the major vendors, including Cisco, Polycom, Crestron, AMX, Extron, Smart, LifeSize and many others.

As part of AVI-SPL’s commitment to adhering to the highest standards of quality in every project it undertakes, employees from around the company converged on its Dallas branch this past April to attend the inaugural training academy for project managers. Training Development Manager Jennifer Schwartzberg talked about the nascent academy, its origin and successes.AVI-SPL employees at Project Management training in Dallas

What was the driving force behind starting the academy?

We wanted to take a proactive role in making sure that projects continue to be handled to the high standards that set AVI-SPL apart. Our target audience was project managers and those acting in a similar capacity, including technicians.

What was the instruction like?

For the first two days, we focused on technical matters and fundamentals such as rack building and site surveys.  The rest of the week we talked about project management skills as they apply to AV and also reviewed processes specific to AVI-SPL.

Besides the training, what else did the academy accomplish?

We rolled out the project management job description and standardized forms, which are used to improve communication on jobs and manage timelines.

What was the response from the attendees?

Very good. So good, in fact, that employees have been asking when the next class is, which is great. This clearly shows their commitment to providing the best service for our customers and clients.

Trust AVI-SPL With Your Pro AV Integration

Rely on our experts for your organization’s upcoming communications project. Fill out our needs analysis form or gives us a call if you prefer at 800-282-6733.

Help Students Focus on Lessons with Ken-a-Vision Viewers

Ken-a-Vision’s new 7880 Auto Focus Vision Viewer™ and the 7890UM Digital Vision Viewer™ deliver superior image quality in real time. Display documents, nearby objects or even objects at a distance. Vision Viewers by Ken-A-Vision… making it easy to focus on teaching.

Vision Viewers offer one cord convenience, with no confusing cables to sort out that can bring your lesson plan or presentation to a stand-still. Simply plug the document camera into the USB port, launch the Applied Vision™ 4 Software and go!

The 7890UM has a high resolution camera with a fast USB 2.0 connection to your computer or laptop. This camera can focus on documents, moving objects, demonstrations, or even the presenter. Plus, it works great with interactive whiteboards.

The Vision Viewer is ergonomically designed with a swivel head that houses a 6mm glass lens so you can capture superior quality images showing details that you might otherwise miss. Included is Applied Vision Software so you can capture images, record movies, set up time-lapse, flip, mirror, rotate, adjust brightness and contrast, and much more.

Want to Know More About These Viewers?

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