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New SMART Slate™ Now Available for Mac Users

SMART Technologies announced that the SMART Slate™ WS200 wireless slate is now supports the Mac platform. SMART Slate™ enables teachers and students to interact with digital lessons projected on a screen, interactive whiteboard, interactive display or interactive pen display from anywhere in the classroom. SMART Slate™ WS200 was developed with extensive user feedback, resulting in the addition of several features, such as improved ergonomics and support for additional languages. The WS200 replaces the WS100 (formerly AirLiner™ WS100 wireless slate).

SMART Slate WS200

The SMART Slate™ can be used with or without a SMART Board™ interactive whiteboard, but on its own it functions easily with a computer and projector. To further enhance whole-class and small-group instruction, it works seamlessly with a SMART Board interactive whiteboard. Wireless Bluetooth® enables teachers and students to control on-screen learning applications, write and draw in digital ink, or open and view files. Ergonomic improvements have made the SMART Slate™ smaller, lighter and easier to hold.

The addition of a third programmable button enables customization, and the eraser function on the battery-free, tethered pen makes annotating with digital ink even more intuitive than it was on the WS100. The SMART Slate™ integrates seamlessly with a broad range of SMART products including the SMART Board interactive whiteboard, the SMART Slate™ also integrates with the SMART Podium™ interactive pen display.

If your school uses either PCs, Mac computers or both, now is the perfect time to add the SMART Slate™ to your classroom.

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