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How This Control Room Video Wall Helps With Safety Management

In consolidating two independent 911 centers, the City of Tallahassee and Leon County built a common facility where they could share information and collaborate. For that public safety complex, AVI-SPL built a control room video wall that gives operations staff a window in real-time traffic along I-10.

Read about the process and the technology that this Corporate Tech Decisions article calls the “true gem of this project.”

Samsung Displays Entertain the Stars at the Oscars

This video, which Samsung added just last month to its YouTube channel, makes a strong case for the prestige of his video displays, and why they’ve earned our company’s trust and that of our clients. At this year’s Academy Awards, a Samsung Media Wall was integrated into the Architectural Digest Green Room, where winners and presenters could relax and enjoy the show. The wall consists of 86 screens in a mosaic, with the ability to display images in a variety of configurations.

AVI-SPL frequently uses Samsung displays in our integrations for businesses and organizations of all types. Call us at 1-866-559-8197 (or use the contact form) for our guidance on using video displays to improve your visibility, share messages and collaborate.

Samsung Video Wall at FIU School of International and Public Affairs


Video wall at FIU School of International and Public AffairsIn front of the auditorium entrance at Florida International University’s School of International and Public Affairs, AVI-SPL integrated the largest video wall on campus.  Sixteen Samsung commercial-grade 52-inch LCD’s rest in a  4-by-4 formation, delivering signals from any video or audio source being used inside the auditorium. A single image can be stretched across all 16 of those LCD’s, or multiple images can be displayed. Read more about this solution for FIU’s School of International and Public Affairs.

Video Wall at El Paso Corporation

Video wall in El Paso Corporation marketing room

As part of its extensive audiovisual technology overhaul of the El Paso Corporation’s 32-story headquarters in downtown Houston, AVI-SPL installed this impressive video wall in the energy company’s marketing area. From their desks, employees can look to these large displays and keep track of the latest stock trading prices and news within the sectors that affect operations. Read about AVI-SPL’s technology renovation for El Paso Corporation.

What’s Best For My Control Room: Video Walls or Walls of Video?

By David Jones, Sales Manager Control Room Group

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like everyone dreams of having a “video wall” in their control center. Video walls are great, but they’re not necessarily the correct control room display for everyone.

A Video Wall

One of the first tasks of our sales team is to determine whether the client needs a “video wall” or a “wall of video.”

Although both are powerful tools and have a potential place in the control center, there are big differences between the two. Most customers have never had those differences explained to them. This leads to mistakes in the system design. The client ends up spending money (not “investing”) on unnecessary technology that will never be used properly.

A video wall is made up of a video processor and an array of video displays, (typically video cubes or narrow bezel LCD panels.) The video processor addresses the entire video array just like a CPU addresses a monitor. Users can run multiple applications on the display and open other windows as needed.

A Wall of Video

This setup would come in handy at an energy management center, for example. If there is an outage, it can be managed on a portion of the video wall, without sacrificing the rest of the display.

A wall of video is also composed of an array of video displays; however each display shows the signal from one of multiple inputs. A video matrix switch routes the appropriate input to its corresponding display.

In our illustration of a power outage above, one of the inputs would have to be removed for the energy management center to address the situation on a wall of video.

A wall of video is more appropriate for a security center, for example. Each display would show the signal from one of multiple cameras. If one camera fails, the remaining displays would remain functional.

As we said earlier, both the video wall and wall of video are powerful tools, but each addresses unique control room needs. Many of our clients come to us asking for a video wall when in fact a wall of video fits their requirements best.

If you’d like to learn more about the difference between a video wall and a wall of video, and learn more about how they can benefit you in the control room, please email me at I’ll give you all the details.

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