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Measuring Video Conferencing Success

Group video conferencingI recently came across a white paper by Wainhouse Research (WR)  titled “Video Conferencing: Benchmarking Success,” which assesses the ways businesses measure their own levels of success with video conferencing, and then takes that information to make recommendations on how best to determine and keep track of video conference call failures. For the study, WR surveyed 20 enterprise video conferencing managers representing a total of 5700 group video conferencing systems around the world.

Their research shows the disparity among businesses in determining what constitutes failure, partial failure and success within video conferencing. Issues covered include audio and video quality, problems with the mics and cameras, dropped calls, network delays and inability to connect with other conference sites. WR concludes that the only useful measurement is to classify video conference calls as either a success or failure, and that it’s beneficial to measure the issues that affect the meeting itself as well as those that are within the VC manager’s control, i.e., a service success metric.

One of the many benefits of AVI-SPL’s video conferencing expertise is that we’re able to build the highest level of technical support into our services, ensuring that our clients’ video conference calls work every time. Our Unify ME Control™ service offers 24/7 helpdesk support, performance reporting, usage reporting, network and real-time monitoring, as well as on-site management and complete conference production. We offer all of this because our goal is to make the technology you depend on to run your business reliable and worth your investment.

Partner With AVI-SPL for Your Video Conferencing Solution

Is your video conferencing system not delivering the ROI you’d expected? Have you been considering a video conferencing solution but aren’t sure you’re ready to make the investment? With the right design, installation and support, you can have the multipoint video conferencing that enhances your ability to collaborate and compete. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your video conferencing solution, need reliable, top-notch managed services support or just have general questions about video conferencing, give us a call at 1-866-559-8197. You can also email us at