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How to Take Advantage Varitronics Total Access Shapes CD!

Total Access Shapes ExampleWith over 4,400 shapes in the library, there are so many cutouts you could use to enhance learning, decorate the halls and use to recognize teacher, student and volunteer’s achievements. Here are some ideas to help you take advantage of the plethora of shapes you’ve got at your fingertips!

Enhance Learning

Use the alphabet cards to help students practice the alphabet. The images below the letter help them practice the sounds and the cutout letters are great ways for them to practice writing the letters. They can trace the letter. You can also use the letter cards to spell out the student’s names. Ask them to see how many other words they can create with the letters in their name.

The circle fraction pieces in the math category can help illustrate the use of fractions. Suggest a pizza reference. For example, ask the students if “Big Billy ate half of the pizza for dinner and half of what was left over for lunch, how much pizza was left”. Using the fraction pieces, they can have a manipulative to help them figure out the solution.

Use the cutout puppets, animal and people shapes to help students with storytelling abilities. They can use these to help them tell a story to their classmates. The students can practice using pitch and volume to help animate the story.

Decorate the Halls and Walls

Use the border shapes to help create fun borders for your classroom and hallway bulletin boards. With all the fun shapes, you can have a different border for every class unit, season and holiday! Laminate the cutout borders so you can reuse them year after year.

Have the students write essays in the shaped books so you have a great end product to post in the hallways so parents and staff can see the great work and learning going on in your classrooms.

Create a character education bulletin board and use the great cutout banners etched with character education words. Post the banner and then use cutout stars or circles to write different ideas on how to exemplify that characteristic.

Recognize Achievements

Acknowledge your volunteer’s outstanding efforts with a card. There are some great cards in the Cutout Maker library you can use to write your kind words on. Some even give you a place to add a name to cutout.

On your Character Education bulletin board, cut frames to put around pictures of students who epitomize the character education word of the month.

Write on the trophy cutouts the names of the students of the month and proudly display these in the hallway.

Create coupons using the dollar cutout to give to students as they achieve milestones. Allow them to turn these coupons in for treats.

Need Training on Total Access Shapes CD’s?

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