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AV Magazine Profiles Unify ME Symphony by AVI-SPL

In its “Cutting Edge Technology Report” for August/September, AV Magazine looks at AVI-SPL’s Unify ME Symphony, the managed services platform that automates meetings and monitors rooms and devices. This profile covers the features that indicate why IT departments want Unify ME Symphony to optimize the user experience:

  • Ability to integrate with your current business infrastructure
  • How it complements other AV devices like Crestron Fusion
  • Statistics (including hours and money saved) that back up Unify ME Symphony’s value as a proactive service
  • Prevents meeting errors before they’re encountered by the end user
  • Increased utilization of collaboration spaces
  • Reduced need for internal support

The report also cites statistics from the Forrester Consulting report, “The Total Economic Impact of AVI-SPL Digital Workspace Solutions.”

Read “Orchestrate Your Meetings Better” >



Video: How AVI-SPL Supports AV and Video Collaboration

As part of the recently concluded ISE 2016 event in Amsterdam, AV Magazine interviewed AVI-SPL Director of Service Operations Rob Learmouth, who explained the four main services we provide to support the AV and video collaboration that organization’s rely on:

  • VNOC managed services
  • Collaboration services (encompassing unified communications and tools like Microsoft Hub)
  • Onsite staffing
  • Break/fix services

In just three minutes, Rob does a excellent job of explaining our value. See for yourself:

AV Magazine Shines a Light on AVI-SPL’s International Strength

A special “AV in Corporate” section of the U.K.’s AV Magazine looks at the reasons for AVI-SPL’s high value as an AV integrator for all types of businesses around the world.  The article touches on our ability to support organizations with onsite staff, help desk services, remote monitoring and management of equipment, and Virtual Meeting Rooms.

James Shanks, AVI-SPL’s international managing director, offers his insight into the kind of technologies he expects to proliferate in companies over the next few years, including huddle spaces and wireless connectivity.

Read “At the very apex of the AV industry.”

What improvements are you seeking to make in your enterprise? Talk to us, and find out how AVI-SPL’s team of certified technicians and engineers can realize your goals. Contact us at 866-559-8197 or You can also review our success working with companies much like yours:

Find Your Business Inspiration With Our Video Collaboration Case Stories

Our Concept Catalog is a magazine-style publication highlighting industry trends and real collaboration solutions through noteworthy projects AVI-SPL has recently completed for businesses of all types. This year’s digital version features more interactivity than ever before. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • All of the case studies include a video embedded within the catalog
  • Enhanced animations throughout catalog draw attention to important information
  • Request a demo of our Virtual Meeting Room service (p. 37)
  • Managed services video is featured on back cover page

We also clearly explain how AVI-SPL can help businesses of all types. Take a look at the digital version of the 2014 AVI-SPL Concept Catalog.

New Business Process Automation Features Added to VNOC Symphony®

AVI-SPL has enhanced its video managed services with an automated process that remotely shuts down video conferencing systems and prevents uninvited guests from seeing or hearing what is happening in a meeting room (see press release). This unique capability is available to AVI-SPL Video Managed Services customers as a part of their meeting scheduling and automation platform, and is another step in AVI-SPL’s efforts to improve video collaboration for businesses of all types.

What is the VNOC Symphony® Business Process Automation Module and what does it do?

The Business Process Automation Module is a set of rules and policies used by our VNOC (Video Network Operation Center) to govern how our clients’  meetings are organized, monitored, managed, and escalated. The policies are decided by both the customer and AVI-SPL staff to ensure processes are appropriate. As a new enhancement, privacy steps are built into the process that automatically mute an endpoint’s microphone and disables the endpoint’s camera after a meeting. Even though the endpoint is still powered on and can be monitored and managed by our VNOC resources, if an uninvited guest is able to connect to the system, the connection is worthless as nothing can be heard or seen.

Why might my business need VNOC Symphony privacy enhancements?

Not all users know how to disconnect from their video conference, or are sure if their system did hang up. With VNOC Symphony privacy, your staff can be assured that a system is disconnected without the user needing to do anything. In an earlier blog post, I describe AVI-SPL’s introduction of a hands-on privacy device called Block ME™.

If you plan on being at InfoComm 2013 in Orlando, stop by AVI-SPL booth #2381 June 12 -14 to see a live demonstration of the VNOC Symphony Business Process Automation Module. Learn more about how AVI-SPL can protect your video conferences/provide low-cost, high-quality and easily scaled virtual meeting rooms. Contact