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Saving Lives – and Money — With Telemedicine

Doctors and other healthcare providers can only see so many patients in a day. Well, at least that’s the way it used to be. But with the advent and embrace of telemedicine, visits that would otherwise cost significant gas mileage and time on the road can now be accomplished from a single location with no travel expenses.

Telemedicine, which combines AV and IT technology, allows doctors and patients to communicate live over video in order to facilitate diagnosis and treatment. Patients can receive treatment without having to leave home or wait at the doctor’s office, while physicians can reach patients across multiple hospitals without having to visit each of them in person.

Lower prices and better quality are increasing the adoption of telemedicine video conferencing systems, according to a recent analysis by Frost & Sullivan. The prime market movers are the “off the shelf” video conferencing products, which the study says are cost effective and easy to use for healthcare professionals.

Telemedicine is based on three kinds of videoconferencing systems: standard video conferencing for use in a doctor’s office or for medical education, purpose-built telemedicine carts equipped with video conferencing capabilities, and unmanned robotic systems that are steered by medical practitioners from remote offices.

Texas-based JSA Health learned firsthand the advantages of telemedicine when it implemented LifeSize® Express™ to support its commitment to “telepsychiatry.”

Because Texas was faced with a shortage of mental health workers, the founders of JSA Health saw an opportunity to do good and provide emergency psychiatric services to patients in hospitals, rural health centers, jails, schools, substance abuse programs and crisis centers (to name just a few).

A case study by LifeSize® explains how JSA Health psychiatrists were able to serve a broader range of patients using the LifeSize® Express™ HD video system. Learn more about LifeSize’s integration of telemedicine with JSA Health. »

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