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Setting Up Your Video Conferencing Network

Having a solid network infrastructure is critical when implementing or advancing your video conferencing abilities. A range of connectivity options are available to businesses whose existing networks may not be able to handle the high bandwidth demanded for quality video conferencing.

It’s true that the quality of video conferences can depend largely on whether they are held over the public Internet or a well-designed QoS (Quality of Service) enterprise network, as well as the number of users. However, any perceived limitations of your existing network infrastructure shouldn’t stop you from deciding to make video conferencing your next initiative.

Companies can take advantage of everything from entry-level solutions to more advanced setups that employ dedicated bandwidth. The latter ensures that your video conferences aren’t negatively affected by other network traffic and remain high in quality throughout their duration.

A network analysis is a great way to assess your current set up and determine how it can be configured or enhanced to work with the video conferencing capabilities your company requires.

A comprehensive analysis of your existing IT network will account for:

  • Amount of bandwidth needed at each location
  • Call usage and traffic patterns
  • Security
  • Network topology optimization

There’s no need to put off your video conference setup any longer when an expert is available to listen and guide you through the process. AVI-SPL’s Professional Services Group provides Network Analysis and Assessment services that can help you determine the best course of action in setting up your essential video conference system.

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