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High‐Definition Video: From Novelty to Normalcy

As David Safaii, VP of marketing and business development for AVI-SPL partner, BurstPoint Networks, offered to sit in as a guest blogger for us, we realized it was an offer we couldn’t refuse!

Based in Westborough, MA, BurstPoint was founded on the belief that video is a robust, yet underutilized, channel for sharing mission-critical information. In his role, Safaii brings over 12 years of experience in the enterprise software industry to BurstPoint, primarily in strategy development and analysis, business development, mergers and acquisitions, and financing initiatives.  

Safaii and his fellow BurstPoint colleagues recently participated with us in an AVI-SPL University webinar series, presenting “Less is More – Increasing Efficiency, Performance and ROI With Comprehensive Video Communications.” If you missed the presentation, feel free to catch the recording by clicking here

As a featured guest blogger, here’s what Safaii offers on the topic of “High-Definition Video: from Novelty to Normalcy”:

News flash: companies no longer need to settle for middle-of-the road video quality when communicating to employees, customers, partners, etc. High-definition (HD) video is now a viable alternative, supporting live streams to thousands of users, with minimal impact to network resources.

 So, why do so many enterprises think that HD video is “off limits” for day-to-day outreach? This is due in part to the vast majority of video communications providers that push video to end users in a few bandwidth-intensive ways: through a switch-based approach; a single media server approach; or via client-side peering software, where companies install software on employees’ computers in order to leverage and consume their assets (such as bandwidth and processing power) so that video may reach its end point.

All of these methods utilize valuable resources, are extremely taxing on a network, are difficult to install, and require a significant amount of time from an IT staff to bless and manage. Additionally, HD video requires greater bandwidth than standard definition, so it should be no surprise that when streaming HD video in a small or medium-sized business using any of the aforementioned methods, it can result in only a limited number of concurrent streams.

This is now a thing of the past. Today’s most forward-thinking vendors are distributing video via another option: a hierarchical distribution architecture. Companies like BurstPoint push video – both live streaming and on-demand – to end users through distributed delivery nodes, which allow video to be driven directly to end users’ computers via the delivery node closest to their locations.

This approach eliminates the need for all video to be pushed through one central server, switch, or employee cluster; ultimately, significantly freeing up network space. With a more effective utilization of network bandwidth, users no longer need to settle for standard-definition video and can use HD video for all their communications outreach – whether it’s for 10 employees or tens of thousands.

As most organizations can attest, using video as a primary means of communication requires a significant behavioral change enterprise-wide. To support this shift and promote adoption, organizations need to meet users’ expectations when it comes to video quality.

Let’s face it, we as consumers have grown accustomed to HD video and the outstanding quality it delivers. For many, anything less just isn’t acceptable. When it comes to video in the corporate world, individuals expect – and deserve – a high-definition video experience, whether it’s for executive-to-executive communications, executive-to-many communications, or many-to-many communications. And because behavioral change is typically enforced via management initiatives, HD video is ideal for executive outreach, as it reinforces the possibilities and power of using video to communicate smarter, faster, and more effectively.

HD video will soon become the standard form of video communications, and in turn, will do its part to transform video from an underutilized tool into a channel for sharing mission-critical information to thousands of people in locations across the globe.

If one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words (according to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research), wouldn’t you want that communication to be as impactful as possible? If it’s not that important, just send email…

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Deliver and Access HD Video – Live or On Demand New from LifeSize

LifeSize Video CenterLifeSize recently announced LifeSize® Video Center, an innovative new video capture and broadcast system that enables high definition (HD) video to be accessible everywhere – live or on demand.

  • Executive and corporate communications: communicate with employees across the organization and around the world
  • Training: provide employees the flexibility to view HD training sessions wherever they are, whenever they are available
  • Education and distance learning: broadcast and record classes at the press of a button. Bring faculty to remote students, without compromises in quality

The LifeSize Video Center appliance is specifically designed to process HD video directly where it is created, harnessing the power of LifeSize 220 series HD video communications systems. The architecture is the industry’s first solution to enable an unprecedented 20 concurrent recordings in HD, 1000 simultaneous live streams and up to 350 simultaneous on-demand streams, all in crisp, 720p30 high definition (HD) video.

Other key features of the LifeSize Video Center include:

  • Push Button Recording: record and auto-publish from LifeSize 220 series HD video communications systems with one button
  • Auto-Publish Capability: organize content automatically via recording keys
  • User Controlled Layout: viewers easily switch between layouts of video and
    presentations, during recording and playback
  • Flexibility: record and stream, either in-call or out-of-call for playback live or on demand
  • Intelligent Management: Web portal content automatically customized based on user permission
  • Administrator Control: set up, access and monitor effectively through an intuitive, centralized user interface (UI)

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LifeSize® Express 220™ – Full HD video communication – Budget friendly

The award-winning LifeSize® Express 220™ is an enhanced Full HD video communications system that is both affordable and scalable. Priced for broad deployment and uniquely flexible, the Express 220 is designed to enable companies to extend the reach of telepresence communications to any office or any size business. Ideal for small working groups, teams or individual knowledge workers who want to take communication over distance to the next level, LifeSize Express 220 has it all.

LifeSize Express 220

With LifeSize Express 220, you not only get Full HD video quality – 1080p30/720p60 – for natural, realistic interactions at the lowest possible bandwidth, but also crisp, crystal clear data-sharing and an all new digital I/O with Full HD support. With support for dual high definition displays, Full HD camera, and phone or microphone options, LifeSize Express 220 offers the ultimate flexibility.

Key Features

  • The highest available resolution on the market – 1080p30
  • The best motion handling with half the latency with 720p60
  • Full-motion video and content with 720p30 dual streaming
  • High definition quality. Simplicity. Meaningful team connections.

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