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AVI-SPL Uses Customized Tannoy Solutions to Impress Client

For the Hakkasan restaurant in Dubai, UAE,  AVI-SPL implemented a high-quality audio system, using Tannoy speakers to get the powerful, warm sound that would allow patrons to hold conversations while they dine. Such was the attention to detail and satisfying the client, that AVI-SPL and Tannoy worked to customize the loudspeakers so that they disappear in the environment and maintain the venue’s aesthetics. Read about the project on page 58 of mondo*dr magazine and see the list the Tannoy products that AVI-SPL used to make it a success.

In the video below, AVI-SPL Project Manager Phil Marlowe discusses the Hakkasan projects in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and how their success led to four additional locations using Tannoy solutions.