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AVI-SPL Featured in IT/AV Report

The spring 2011 issue of IT/AV Report – published by Sound & Communications magazine — features AVI-SPL’s extensive technology restack for the El Paso Corporation. As part of  a complete renovation of the company’s headquarters in Houston, Texas, the AVI-SPL team implemented the latest pro AV and control systems in its conference rooms, employee lounges and training areas.

Read Jeff Ward’s article detailing this ambitious integration of IT control, room scheduling and video display. You can also look at a brief overview of the El Paso project on our website.

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Crestron’s RoomView® Express Delivers Classroom Control

You can’t be everywhere at once, and with Crestron’s RoomView® Express, you don’t have to be. AV managers responsible for classrooms can conveniently monitor devices in every room on campus in real time, thus reducing the time is takes to troubleshoot technical problems. Teachers and presenters can request help via RoomView® without ever leaving class, and administrators can broadcast important messages like weather and fire alerts to rooms with RoomView® Connected projectors. 

Thanks to RoomView®, you’ll know the status of equipment, room temperature, lights, power, volume and more. If there’s a malfunctioning projector or DVD player, you can address it right from the help desk. You can also remotely power equipment on and off across campus – saving energy and valuable time.  And with its comprehensive asset manager, you’ll know which devices require maintenance or replacement and where they are located, as well as the lamp life of projectors and even room occupancy.

For more information about Crestron products and how they can support your education goals, fill out our brief needs analysis form.  You can also contact AVI-SPL at (866) 559-8197 or via email at

RoomView Connected™ by Crestron: Simple, Standardized Technology for Every Classroom

To bring today’s K-12 classrooms into the 21st century, installing projectors in each classroom and accessing them through the school’s IT network is an affordable, scalable solution. Crestron RoomView Connected™ technology is built into many popular projector brands to deliver direct connectivity and control of AV devices via the IT network – and it’s free.

Projector manufacturers — including Acer, BenQ, Dell, Mitsubishi and Viewsonic — have embedded Crestron RoomView® Express software into their projector models, and the list is growing every day. It gives teachers in the classroom and main office administrators the power and flexibility to completely manage and control all projectors on the network using a simple, easy-to-use interface.

RoomView Connected provides reliable, easy-to-use control of ceiling-mounted projectors directly from any connected laptop. No more hunting for lost remotes or standing on desks to turn on the projector. Teachers can simply use the mouse to point and click an icon on the Web-based control page to turn the projector on or off, select the computer or video source and adjust the volume.

With built-in help desk messaging, teachers just click the “Help” button from the RoomView software screen to instantly send an alert to tech support with any questions or problems related to classroom technology. A member of the support staff can immediately respond and even take control of the classroom device from any remote location. Issues are resolved quickly, and teachers can focus on teaching.

Crestron RoomView

RoomView enables administrators and support staff to perform remote system diagnostics, track projector use and lamp life. Remote capabilities allow efficient scheduling of routine maintenance – such as lamp replacement – and instant notification if devices are disconnected, preventing theft. It even allows AV managers to turn off all the projectors at the end of the day with one mouse click. Functions such as “ALL OFF” may be scheduled, saving energy, money, time and extending lamp life automatically.

RoomView software works with most popular projector brands and models, so no programming is needed to swap out projectors. Simply connect the new projector and Crestron RoomView automatically recognizes the device for immediate, seamless communication and control. You can even integrate previously installed projectors that are not natively RoomView Connected.

Once you take control of classroom projectors with RoomView, you’ll want to monitor, manage and control every device in every room, including DVD players, SMART Boards and document cameras. Easily connect Crestron MPC pushbutton classroom controllers and QuickPacks™ bundled AV systems for additional functionality. If you need to connect more rooms, or want more power and flexibility, you can globally control your school, campus and even an entire district with ease and confidence. Upgrade from RoomView Express to the more advanced RoomView Server Edition.

AV managers can centrally manage rooms in every school throughout the district with RoomView SE. Built-in logging and reporting show device usage for budgeting and procurement decisions. Plug-ins for modules such as Web cameras enable administrators to check in and monitor classroom activity.

Start by simply installing a RoomView Connected device using standard mounts and cables, download the free client executable software from the Crestron website, and enjoy the benefits of network managed and controlled classroom technology. Scalability makes it effortless to adjust to growth and changing needs; ask your AVI-SPL account manager for more information.

Contact an AVI-SPL representative at (866) 559-8197 to learn more about Crestron’s RoomView Connected solution.

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