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Control Room System Scalability (aka Crawl-Walk-Run)

By David Jones, Sales Manager Control Room Group.

When you look at the pictures on our website of the control rooms that we’ve designed and built, you no doubt notice that most are large and loaded with the latest technology. That might lead you to believe that all we work on are big and bigger projects.

CRiB: Control Room in a Box

Not the case. We started working with many of our clients when their needs and budget allowed for a system comprised of little more than a single piece of technical furniture, a small video processor and a single large format display.

Those setups eventually evolved into the control rooms pictured on our site.

During my career in the control room industry, I’ve never had a client ask me to come back and make his or her system smaller. The client’s needs grow, which means that the system needs to grow as well.

When we begin working with a client we make certain that the system’s infrastructure is scalable, meaning that the design will allow for growth as the client’s operational requirements grow. A scalable design ensures that the budget used to create the first control center is truly an investment, and a return on that investment can be expected.

So how did a single console and screen turn into the large control centers you see on our site? I’ve included two architectural renderings that illustrate this transformation. The first rendering shows a system designed for a small single operator control center – we call this system a CRiB (Control Room in a Box).

CRIB expanded to accommodate two additional operators

Rendering #2 shows the same system expanded to accommodate two operators by adding another console and additional large screen video displays.

Regardless of the size of the project, our design engineers work directly with clients to create the system design that will best serve their needs now and in the future.

If you’re interested in building a new control room or upgrading your existing control center but you’re not sure where to start, give me a call at 888-619-9083 x 8010 or send me an email ( and we’ll discuss System Scalability, or as I like to call it “Crawl-Walk-Run.”