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SMART Classroom Suite Accelerates Learning While Saving Money

The SMART Classroom Suite is a interactive learning software suite designed specifically to help teachers and students. For computer-enabled classrooms, SMART Classroom Suite helps accelerate learning, from the creation and delivery of lessons to the engagement and assessment of students. The Suite is designed for use in schools that are pioneering the integration of technology in K-12 learning, which may occur in the classroom, at home or anywhere students may learn.

SMART Classroom Suite is a combination of:

SMART Classroom Suite

  • SMART Notebook – Collaborative learning software that sets the standard for creating, delivering and managing interactive lessons
  • SMART Notebook Student Edition – Authoring and organization software that enables students to complete assignments, take notes, manage due dates and organize digital material
  • SMART Sync – Classroom management software that makes it easy for teachers to guide learning while monitoring and controlling student computers
  • SMART Response CE – Assessment software that lets teachers deliver spontaneous or planned quizzes with dynamic, multimedia content

Together, the four software components help teachers and students get maximum benefit from the other technology products typically available in computer-enabled classrooms, such as laptops and netbooks.

40% Cost Savings

The SMART Classroom Suite gives you the opportunity to benefit from all of these software products at about a 40% cost savings compared with purchasing each product individually.

Trade Up Program

Already purchased a Notebook SE, Sync or Response CE? Through SMART’s “Trade Up” program, you can upgrade to the SMART Classroom Suite and receive a credit equal to the price of the software product that you have already purchased.

Teachers can efficiently manage their classrooms and easily prepare and deliver lessons. They can also instantly assess student understanding anytime during a class. Students can create and organize their own multimedia content, take notes, collaborate with other students and share files with their teachers. The SMART Classroom Suite can help you and your students create, teach, learn and assess!

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