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Register for August 21 Webinar on VoIP Conferencing by Biamp

Join us Tuesday, August 21 at 1 p.m. EST for “The Best Quality Solutions in Mid- to Large-Room VoIP Conferencing,” presented by Biamp Systems’ Frank West. Frank will discuss five key reasons why companies have deployed VoIP room conferencing systems to improve their productivity. He will also discuss the steps needed to develop a better VoIP conferencing experience.

On the Agenda

  • How VoIP improve productivity
  • Developing a better VoIP conference experience
  • Why companies rely on VoIP room solutions

Register for “The Best Quality Solutions in Mid- to Large-Room VoIP Conferencing.”

About the Presenter

Frank West is the South Central Regional Manager for Biamp Systems, an internationally recognized leader in the professional audio conferencing industry. Frank has over 15 years of experience in the professional AV industry. Over the last five years, Frank has implemented thousands of VoIP end points with multiple microphone inputs to provide a better end user VoIP experience.

Webinar Recording: Successful Communications in Audio Conferencing

AVI-SPL University Professional Series Online logoIf you missed our January webinar with Biamp Systems on the best practices in audio conferencing (or you just want to review the material again), the recording of the event is available.

During this presentation, Biamp’s Read Wineland, regional director of Eastern U.S. sales, discussed the elements that must be addressed for successful audio experience, including during video conferencing. He also discusssed the state of the art in acoustic echo cancellation and the advantages of networked media systems in the distribution of audio and video.

 Review “Successful Communications: What You Need to Know About Audio Conferencing“.

Acoustic Echo Cancellation Tech Paper by AVI-SPL and Biamp

AVI-SPL and Biamp Systems have teamed up to issue a free tech paper on the importance of acoustic echo cancellation during distance collaboration sessions. Based on a recent webinar hosted by AVI-SPL and presented by Biamp, “The Importance of Acoustic Echo Cancellation for Audio Conferencing” looks at the causes of acoustic echo and the steps that can be taken to eliminate it.

Those who’ve experienced echo during their conference call sessions know how disruptive it can be to a productive meeting. This paper describes the conditions that can contribute to acoustic echo and the ways it can be overcome, including Biamp’s Sona technology.

To learn what an acoustic echo canceller (AEC) does and considerations when deciding which type of AEC to purchase, access this free tech paper, “The Importance of Acoustic Echo Cancellation for Audio Conferencing.” Topics covered include:

  • Factors that contribute to acoustic echo
  • How AEC works
  • Critical components of an AEC device

In January, AVI-SPL and Biamp Systems presented the webinar “Successful Communications: What You Need to Know About Audio Conferencing.” Biamp’s Read Wineland, who led the presentation, explored a number of aspects related to audio during conferences, including an overview of acoustic echo cancellation and its importance to distance collaboration.

It’s our hope that this paper will serve as a handy and informative reference sheet. If you have any questions about this topic, are considering audio conferencing for your enterprise or want to upgrade your current system, contact AVI-SPL at 1-800-282-6733 or


AVI-SPL and Biamp Team Up for First Webinar of 2012

AVI-SPL University OnlineFleming Island, Fla. – Is the audio in your video conference sessions the best it can be? What you don’t know about intelligible audio can affect the quality of your conferencing experience. Join us at 1 p.m. Tuesday, January 31 for Successful Communications: What You Need to Know About Audio Conferencing,” hosted by AVI-SPL and presented by Biamp. Click on the link above to register for this free event.

During this webinar, Biamp’s Read Wineland will teach you what to look for in a quality audio conferencing system (as well as the audio part of a video conferencing system). The microphones, DSP core electronics, loudspeakers, installation and room acoustics all need attention. If any one of those elements are inadequate, then your communications will suffer. Read will also explain and discuss the “state of the art” in Acoustic Echo Cancellation and the advantage of networked media systems in the distribution of audio and video.

Read Wineland is regional director Eastern North America for Biamp. Prior to joining the company in 1995, Read was an independent representative for Biamp and other professional audio product lines while based in Ohio. He also worked for Hollywood Sound Systems, and worked on such events as the Academy Awards, Emmy Awards and Saturday Night Live. Read holds a CTS (Certified Technology Specialist) certification awarded by Infocomm, the AV Industry’s governing body and is a member of the Audio Engineering Society.