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3D Image Mapping: Giant Hearts on Fire Diamond Replica

"Hearts on Fire Diamond" "Creative Show Services"When Hearts On Fire, a jewelry crafting company, approached us at Creative Show Services to create a 6-foot exact replica of The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond®, we knew 3D image mapping was the right solution. It took our team six weeks to engineer and build the model for Hearts on Fire to display at JCK 2013, North America’s leading jewelry annual event in Las Vegas.

What distinguishes Hearts On Fire from any other diamond is that it captures the light in such a way that it reveals eight perfectly symmetrical hearts in the design, a feature that made the CS2 team’s job even more challenging.

Initially, the client approached us with the idea for a hologram presentation, but our creative team suggested something even better – a 3D product that looks as real as the actual diamond. The six-week long project launched with the creation of the basic form with Wysiwyg editor. Next, we created a 3D model of the diamond using Lightwave 3D software. On-site and with direct access to the actual Hearts on Fire diamond, we used Cinema 4D media server for all the custom content production. An aluminum frame was covered with hard-coated foam and then covered in screen goo paint for reflection of the projected images.

The real challenge was how to make the foam not only shine like a diamond, but to replicate precisely the Hearts On Fire unique light aspects. We applied a bullet-time technique with eight cameras to record every facet of the diamond. During the actual event, CS2 utilized two Pandora’s Box media servers and four Panasonic 20K DLP projectors for real time 3D compositing and projection.

The final product was a crowd-stopping, perfect replica of the Hearts on Fire diamond. Watch the video to see the final project in action, as well as go behind-the-scenes with the production team.