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Biamp’s Sona™ AEC Algorithm Delivers Authentic Sound for Distance Conferencing

Biamp Systems offers to make your meetings and conversations even better with Sona™, their new acoustic echo cancelling innovation. Included in every Nexia TC and Nexia VC, as well as AudiaFLEX with the AEC-2HD Card, Sona delivers full, real sound to nearly any conferencing environment. Now conversations come through full, rich and completely authentic.

Sona sets a new standard in acoustic echo cancellation, delivering tail lengths of up to 300ms and convergence as fast as 100dB per second. The system also provides full 20Hz to 20kHz wideband AEC without compromising core DSP resources, and makes setting gain structure nearly effortless. Installations are faster, even in large and acoustically challenging spaces.

Key Features:

  • Incredibly natural sound
  • Tail length of up to 300ms
  • Convergence rate of up to 100dB per second
  • Less sensitive to changes in gain
  • Full duplex transmission of speech, including double-talk
  • True 20Hz to 20kHz wideband AEC
  • Faster installation and setup
  • Improves sound in large and acoustically challenging rooms
  • Available in Nexia and AudiaFLEX firmware

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See Clearly with Ken-A-Vision Auto Focus Vision Viewer™ 7880 Document Camera

The Vision Viewer™ 7880 makes it easy to focus on teaching, easily capturing images and movies. Simply plug the document camera into the USB port, launch the software, and go! There are no confusing cables or buttons to sort out, which can bring your lesson plan or presentation to a standstill.

Vision Viewer 7880You’ll also receive superior image quality in real time, displaying documents, nearby objects or even objects at a distance. This camera features auto focus, a factory-installed USB cable, 1280 X 1024 SXGA resolution, and comes complete with Applied Vision 4 Software.

Applied Vision 4 Software (AV4) enables you to connect your Ken-A-Vision digital product to your computer for viewing, capturing and manipulation of video and still images. Key features include: multi-camera support, full screen viewing, digital zoom, video rotation, time lapse recording, and much more.

With the Ken-A-Vision Vision Viewer™ 7880, you can get a top of the line document camera at a rock bottom price!

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Apple’s New Tablet, the iPad, for AV

iPad The technophiles, especially Apple groupies, have been eagerly waiting for (and speculating about) the official announcement about Apple’s new tablet computer. Today, Steve Jobs, along with a slew of Apple executives and developers, unveiled the iPad. With a starting price of $499, this sleek tablet could make a big impact on the AV industry.

A few uses:

  • In conference rooms instead of significantly-more-expensive touch panel displays (with the right software- perhaps with the newly released Crestron XPanel for Mac?)
  • In classrooms replacing textbooks, scientific calculators, pocket translators, calendars and desktop computers with one device
  • For presenters, iWork – Keynote allows users to present natively by connecting to a projector

What other uses can you think of?

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Sharp Adds to Growth in the 3D Projection Market

Are you ready to make the move to 3D? The 3D projection market continues to expand, as Sharp has entered the growing market. Sharp’s suite of six 3D-ready, DLP BrilliantColor professional projectors aim to stand above the competition with energy saving features such as low standby power consumption, in addition to an  expanded lamp life through eco mode operations.

Sharp’s six new models include the following:

  • PG-D45X3D (4,500 ANSI lumens, XGA native resolution)
  • PG-D40W3D (4,000 ANSI lumens, WXGA native resolution)
  • PG-D3510X (3,500 ANSI lumens, XGA native resolution)
  • PG-D3010X (3,000 ANSI lumens, XGA native resolution)
  • PG-D2710X (2,700 ANSI lumens, XGA native resolution)
  • PG-D2500X (2n500 ANSI lumens, XGA native resolution)

Key elements behind the new models also include a wireless remote with a built-in spotlight function and on-screen pointer to support presentations. As a safety feature, the projector automatically shuts off if the lens cover is closed more than 30 minutes.

All models are expected to be rolled out by April 2010.

Lessons in UC From the Classroom

Unified Communications (UC) tools are moving out of the board room and into the realm of higher education. In a great post on the UC Strategies blog, Blair Pleasant discusses a variety of areas that universities could use UC to streamline communications between faculty, staff, students, and others.

All UC vendors today are trying to find ways to differentiate themselves from one another and to stand out from the crowd. I generally recommend that they focus on professional services and/or applications, especially vertical applications. One vendor that has been successfully building UC applications and solutions based on its vertical expertise is NEC, which is working with its partners to understand the business challenges and business processes in the areas of health care, hospitality, higher education, and government.

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