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AMX Transforms Intercom-Enabled Touch Panels Into VoIP Phones

Users Can Make or Receive Telephone Calls from Select Modero Touch Panels

AMX®, a leader in providing simplified solutions in the audio/visual control industry, unveils its Telephone/Intercom Integration Package, enabling users to make and receive local, long distance and international calls from selected Modero® touch panels with the AMX SIP Gateway.

AMX has added new telephone features including Caller ID, Call waiting, Call groups, one-touch dialing, and voicemail, as well as access to local and shared address books from the touch panel and SIP Gateway, respectively. Customers are welcome to use their existing telephone service and simply add the SIP Gateway to take advantage of these enhanced calling features. The technology is seamless to the customer and is as simple as pressing an on-screen icon to initiate or receive a call. The enhanced touch panels also deliver PBX functionality to homes or small offices and allow telephone access via VoIP and/or analog telephone lines.

Select Modero touch panels now support full motion JPEG offering at least 24 frames per second and enhanced scalability of full motion JPEG video. The SIP Gateway supports up to 50 telephony devices including analog phones, SIP phones and these selected Modero intercom-enabled touch panels:

  • 5.2″ Modero ViewPoint Touch Panel with Intercom (MVP-5200i)
  • 8.4″ Modero ViewPoint Touch Panel with Intercom (MVP-8400i)
  • 10″ Modero Wall/Flush Mount Touch Panel with Intercom (NXD-1000Vi)
  • 7″ Modero Wall/Flush Mount Touch Panel with Intercom (NXD-700Vi)
  • 5″ Modero Wall/Flush Mount Touch Panel (NXD-500i)

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Sharp Releases Two Low Cost, High Brightness DLP® BrilliantColor™ Professional Projectors

Sharp recently announced the introduction of two DLP® BrilliantColor™ professional projectors, offering an unparalleled combination of brightness, image quality and versatility at a very affordable price. The XGA PG-D4010X (4200 ANSI lumens) and the WXGA PG-D3750W (3700 ANSI lumens) both are among the highest brightness single-lamp DLP® BrilliantColor™ projectors currently on the market. These projectors have been developed for permanent, as well as more portable projection applications, and are suitable for use in almost any corporate, educational, government, house of worship or rental/staging setting. Equipped with DLP® BrilliantColor™ technology, the units are designed to provide enhanced colors, enriched images and exceptionally high reliability.

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Designing an Audiovisual System from the Ground Up

Texas Women's University Lecture Hall Audiovisual

Texas Woman’s University (TWU) faced several AV challenges when the university decided to build a new Houston campus. TWU, the nation’s largest university primarily for women, has campuses in Denton, Dallas and Houston. After 45 years at its previous Houston location, TWU planned for a new Institute of Health Sciences-Houston Center in the heart of Houston’s world-renowned Texas Medical Center. The new building was a 10-story, 202,000 square-foot complete “campus in one building.”

Our goal was to add the ability to present, communicate and teach within the campus and to other campuses,” said Jeremy Blanton, AVI-SPL project manager. “Technology has become a critical piece of teaching the school’s curriculum, so they wanted to ensure that the instructors had the latest technology to support the applications in the medical field.”

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NEC Display Solutions introduces the groundbreaking 46″ NEC MultiSync® X461UN ultra-narrow display.

NEC MultiSync® X461UN
NEC Display Solutions introduces the groundbreaking 46” NEC MultiSync® X461UN ultra-narrow display. The large-format LCD display is intended for video wall solutions, where its impressive ultra-narrow bezel allows for a screen-to-screen distance between two neighboring MultiSync X461UN displays of only 7.3 millimeters. This is a near 500% improvement from NEC’s previously revolutionary 34mm MultiSync 20 Series displays and close to a 1400% improvement compared to the 100mm MultiSync 15 Series.

The display, which is ideal for digital signage and broadcast applications, can be deployed in video wall matrices of up to 10 x 10 (100 displays), creating a total surface area of approximately 645 square feet. The barely discernable transition gap between displays ensures a homogenous picture across the matrix, creating a near-seamless video wall.

The MultiSync X461UN includes a professional-grade LCD panel and components for the most formidable digital signage industry requirements. It has been specifically created for rigorous 24/7 use where high reliability is key. The display’s 1360 x 768 WXGA native resolution provides true 16:9 aspect ratio, maximum brightness of 700 cd/m² and typical contrast ratio of 3000:1.

VariQuest in the Math Classroom

The math classroom is great place to use visuals and manipulative to enrich lesson plans. If your school has the VariQuest Poster Maker or Cutout Maker, utilize these visual learning tools to make math more interactive.

Start by using your Poster Maker to create formulas posters. The students can refer back to these static visuals in the classroom while they’re learning. By allowing them the opportunity to see these formulas over and over, they’ll have a better chance of remembering them! So, when you ask them what the volume of a cylinder is, they’ll eventually be able to rattle it off to you. An easy way to help them out is by starting each lesson with a quick review of the poster you’ve created.

Do you want to have a poster that is up year round with helpful tips? Why not create a poster with the rules for zero. Those rules can be tricky and if you’ve posted it, your students will always know whether or not zero is an even number! For younger students, they may need help distinguishing between greater than or less than. Give them a poster with a great visual to help them remember which is which!

Other great uses for the Poster Maker can be to create interactive posters. Enlarge a grid so you and your students can go back to the poster to plot points, lines and equations. By utilizing a poster, you can keep yesterday’s work up to refer back to so they can see the progression of their learning. In an elementary classroom, create a number line banner or word problem posters that they can work in during group sessions.

If your school has the Cutout Maker, take some time to review the library of shapes. Do a search by keyword, and enter “math”. There are tons of manipulatives for the math classroom. For example, try a quick math game with students by giving each student a set of cutout symbols. Ask them to show you the plus sign, equal sign and so on. Make it harder by asking that student to give you an example of an equation using that symbol, and have a second student give you the answer for bonus points!

You can also find money shapes in the cutout maker’s library. This is another great tool to have on hand for group work. Give the students word problems involving money and have them show you with the cutout money what the answer is. You could also start the lesson with a task like asking them to show you four different ways to give fifty cents for change. The money shapes are a great way to add some hands on learning to your lessons!

For older students, there are even three-dimensional shapes for geometry lessons! Have them put the shapes together and ask them what the shape is called, how many sides it has, what the angles’ degrees are, and so on. Give them rulers to measure the sides to start computing the volume.

Another trouble spot for geometry students is circles. Remembering the area and circumference of a circle may be tough. Why not give them some hands on practice by cutting out some circles for them to measure and solve. Add some string to the mix to help them understand the concept of circumference. They could actually loop the string around the cutout shape, then flatten it out to check their math. And speaking of pi, liven your room up by creating cutouts of pi’s value that spans the perimeter of the room!

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