From the Editor – Remember Our Information

How many times have you wondered “What technology do I need to produce a successful meeting?”  If you are a meeting planner, that should be one of the last things on your mind. 

Most great events start with thoughts about the audience, goals and objectives, and the messages that will be shared during an event.  With a thorough understanding of the outcome you are trying to achieve, your production partner can determine the best ways to share that message.  Yes, that may include using the latest and greatest in event technology… but not always. 

Your message and your audience’s reaction to it are the most important takeaway.  Sometimes that means that the technology takes a back seat to the overall event design.  Sometimes proximity to the stage is more important than having the newest in Line Array Audio Systems (if you know what that is, you MAY be too involved in the technology).

A message that is personal, or involves an emotional plea or encourages interaction with the audience may mean that the only technology in the room is an iPad in everyone’s hand.  It may mean that the most important technology in the room is the lighting.  It may mean that the best technology is NO technology. 

It is the goal of this electronic newsletter (yes, we are going to use technology) to share information: to help you make more educated decisions on picking the partners you work with and, of course, to share our experiences in a way that will help you conduct more impactful and engaging events.  We will talk a lot about ROI throughout the articles, but we will do it in a way that allows you to pick the pieces that work for you, for your organization and for your audience.  We understand that the best event isn’t necessarily one that had the largest high-definition screen.  The best event is one that clearly shares a message, allows the audience to engage with that message and provides the highest level of ROI. 

And just to make the point clear:  ROI stands for Remember Our Information.  The most basic goal of any event is to ensure your audience remembers as much of the message as possible and eventually acts on that information.  Remember Our Information: that is the mantra we will continue to chant.  We hope you will join us.


Jim Engelmann
Vice President, Creative Show Services

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