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How to Deal With Video Security in the Public Sector

Video conferencing improves the way we do business. But it’s vital that you stay on top of the latest cyber security issues related to videoconferencing, BYOD, and shadow IT.

This free whitepaper will explore:

  • The value of enterprise-grade video conferencing services and solutions
  • The resulting shadow IT risks and threats for organizations adopting BYOD policies.
  • How IT can promote secure, cost-effective, and performance-intensive video conferencing services.

If you are already using video collaboration systems in your agency or organization, or are considering adopting this very positive business trend, download Video, Security and the Risks of Shadow IT in the Public Sector.

Which Virtual Meeting Room Is Right for Your Company?

In this white paper, you’ll discover the four types of Virtual Meeting Room services AVI-SPL offers technology companies like yours to improve your ability to collaborate among teams. Virtual Meeting Rooms (VMRs) are a flexible, efficient, and scalable answer to collaboration challenges. These “conference rooms without walls” enable you to connect anytime, anywhere using your devices of choice.

Get your copy of “Four Virtual Meeting Room Deployment Strategies for Technology Companies.”


How Video is Revolutionizing the Workplace

Mobile technology is by far the biggest factor driving change in the modern workplace. And government agencies are not immune. Mobile has revolutionized traditional employment with concepts like BYOD, remote working, and the virtual workplace, and while the private sector is definitely the frontrunner in embracing the digitally driven work environment, government agencies are beginning to dip their feet into mobility and mobile-driven concepts.

This free, easily downloadable whitepaper will explore:

  • The opportunities, challenges, and five key elements of an enterprise mobility strategy.
  • Why state government needs to develop strategies that empower agencies to embrace mobile technology.
  • How state government can deploy these solutions while still remaining focused on simplicity, security, and the risks related to BYOD.

Download “The Role of Mobility in Workplace Transformation.”

Meeting Rooms Made for Instant Collaboration

At the AVI-SPL website, see how an energy company creates instant collaboration. As part of its high-rise headquarters renovation, Enbridge needed to improve the usability of its meeting spaces, so that employees could quickly start meetings and not have to worry about learning a new set of equipment from room to room.

AVI-SPL responded with standardized implementations that give staff the collaboration tools to quickly start meetings and work with one another. Read the case story and watch the video about our integration for Enbridge headquarters in Calgary.


New Camera Options for SMART Room Systems

The SMART Room System for Skype for Business (Lync) is a turn-key, self-contained solution for content sharing and video collaboration.  It was originally designed for small, medium and large standard conference rooms.  Although the product design is relatively new, the challenges of configuring standard systems for one type of room design have been around for decades.

There are now some new camera options for the SMART Room System that allows the system to be used in much larger spaces, lecture halls, and the classic “bowling alley” video conferencing room.  Video conferencing solutions were typically installed in larger rooms which are longer and thinner designs using a very long conferencing table. Typically, when one person uses the room they sit in the seat furthest from the camera and displays on the wall.   This chair is sometimes called the “power chair” because it is usually occupied by the most senior manager or executive in the conference room.

In order for the camera to cover the optical zoom from the front of the room to the people at the other end of the room, the lenses of the camera have to be mechanically adjusted to focus on the area of focus called the depth of field.  This capability is known as a mechanical pan, tilt, zoom camera (Mechanical PTZ).  A mechanical PTZ design requires power for the mechanical motors and a larger design than an electronic PTZ camera.

Two new mechanical PTZ cameras have entered the market and have
excellent designs for the SMART Room System: Vaddio RoboSHOT 12 PTZ and Logitech Pro PTZ.Vaddio Roboshot



Logitech PTZ Pro

Vaddio RoboSHOT 12 PTZ


Logitech Pro PTZ

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