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Register Now for October 18 Healthcare Webinar by AVI-SPL and Polycom

Join us Tuesday, October 18, at 1 p.m. for “Using Video for Collaborative Community-Based Care,” a FREE webinar hosted by AVI-SPL. During this event, Polycom’s Dr. Deborah A. Jeffries will present an enlightening look at the current challenges, trends and opportunities in today’s healthcare environments.AVI-SPL University Professional Series Online Logo

Dr. Jeffries will also explore the effects of collaborative video within the new healthcare model of community-based care, focusing on the impact of video communications on prevention and wellness. She’ll also examine reimbursement, credentialing/privileging, and give you an insider’s look at what emerging technologies are set to make a difference in the healthcare market.

Dr. Jeffries serves as the director of healthcare for Polycom, an industry leader in collaboration solutions.  She utilizes her 25 years in telemedicine, information systems, medicine, education and physics to understand the needs of Polycom’s customers, and assist the Polycom team in their efforts to deliver the best total solutions for companies and organizations around the world.  Dr. Deborah A. Jeffries

On the agenda:

  • Challenges/opportunities for the healthcare market
  • History of telemedicine and collaborative video
  • Patient-centered care
  • Electronic health records
  • Prevention, wellness and accountable care


Register for Using Collaborative Community-Based Care today. Check out more of our upcoming events at the AVI-SPL Events and Tradeshows page.

Register for October 11 Webinar on New HDTV Technology With AVI-SPL and Contemporary Research

AVI-SPL University Professional Series Online LogoJoin us Tuesday, October 11, at 1 p.m. for “New HDTV Technology Cuts Costs of Digital Signage, Cable and HD-SDI,” a FREE webinar hosted by AVI-SPL and presented by Contemporary Research.  During this event, Contemporary Research’s Doug Engstrom will deliver an interactive presentation on  the many capabilities on RF technology. He’ll showcase real-world examples that cover digital signage distribution to your facility, converting HD-SDI video feeds and more.

Photo of Doug EngstromDoug serves as the director of tech communications for Contemporary Research, an industry leader focused on developing tech support, tech information and Web services to better serve the needs of systems sales, design and integration. With over 40 years in the industry, Doug has authored several articles and also served as an InfoComm Academy Systems Design instructor.

On the agenda:

  • Cut cable fees and send back the cable boxes
  • How to convert live HD-SDI video feeds
  • Understand the basics and option of RF 2.0 HDTV technology
  • How to distribute digital signage
  • Take control of your TVs through the same RF network 

Those who attend will gain access to Doug Enstrom’s white paper “The New Basic Cable,” following the webinar. Register for “New HDTV Technology Cuts Costs of Digital Signage, Cable and HD-SDI.” Check out more of our upcoming events at the AVI-SPL Events and Tradeshows page.

Telemedicine and Digital Media Are Improving Healthcare

I’ve come across some interesting articles over the past week about the advantages of video collaboration tools within the healthcare environment, including telemedicine.Picture of telemedicine solution

The managing director of healthcare for Peerless AV, a manufacturer partner of AVI-SPL, lists eight ways hospitals are using digital signage to improve care. Some of the noteworthy advantages include the ability to inform family and friends of patient treatment status in real time; delivery of information tailored to the patient; better communication among doctors, nurses and hospital staff; and improved patient processing. lists 7 Advantages of Video Conferencing With an Addiction Counselor. In addition to the familiar reasons – saves on the cost of treatment, avoids the hassle of travel – the post also brings up some benefits I hadn’t considered, including the ability to remain in one’s own comfort zone while attending therapy. The video conferencing setup also makes it easier to attend so that a patient doesn’t have to miss a crucial session because of work constraints, other obligations or just reluctance to commit to a once-a-week meeting with a counselor.

An article in The Guardian (U.K.) looks at two cases where telemedicine is saving travel time as well as lives. A Radvision Scopia XT1000 series  video conferencing system links three hospitals England, enabling consultants to remotely assess the cardiology conditions of pediatric patients.

Video conferencing is also allowing 30 trusts in England to partake in a stroke consultation program. Medical experts work from their homes on an off-hours basis and provide their expertise for patients who have a video conferencing telecart at their hospital bedside. The program is estimated to save about 24 more stroke patients per year, as well as £8m for participating trusts.

AVI-SPL has provided multiple telemedicine solutions for hospitals and healthcare facilities. One of our most recent successes is for the Moffitt Cancer Center, where AVI-SPL technicians installed the Cisco Digital Media Suite. Take a look at a video summarizing Moffitt’s use of Cisco DMS.

Call AVI-SPL at 1-800-282-6733 to talk to one of our representatives about your healthcare facility’s need for better communications or send an email to  We’ll find out what you want to achieve, give you a quote on your telemedicine project and put together a solution that works within your budget.

Video Might Be Next for 911 Calls

In a story just reported by PC World, the FCC is taking the first steps toward enabling the 911 system to receive video. According to the report, mobile phone users would be able to send videos to emergency response agencies when they dial 911.  Of course, the blend of video with emergency operations is something with which we at AVI-SPL are very familiar and in which we take a keen interest.Command Center with Video Displays

Our Control Room Group is experienced in supporting emergency operations centers with the most current video communication solutions. To find out how CRG can design and install the control room environment that addresses the needs of your operations, give us a call us at 1-800-282-6733, or send an email to You can also read more about CRG’s approach to space planning and ergonomic analysis, and how we select the technology that goes into your environment.

Measuring Video Conferencing Success

Group video conferencingI recently came across a white paper by Wainhouse Research (WR)  titled “Video Conferencing: Benchmarking Success,” which assesses the ways businesses measure their own levels of success with video conferencing, and then takes that information to make recommendations on how best to determine and keep track of video conference call failures. For the study, WR surveyed 20 enterprise video conferencing managers representing a total of 5700 group video conferencing systems around the world.

Their research shows the disparity among businesses in determining what constitutes failure, partial failure and success within video conferencing. Issues covered include audio and video quality, problems with the mics and cameras, dropped calls, network delays and inability to connect with other conference sites. WR concludes that the only useful measurement is to classify video conference calls as either a success or failure, and that it’s beneficial to measure the issues that affect the meeting itself as well as those that are within the VC manager’s control, i.e., a service success metric.

One of the many benefits of AVI-SPL’s video conferencing expertise is that we’re able to build the highest level of technical support into our services, ensuring that our clients’ video conference calls work every time. Our Unify ME Control™ service offers 24/7 helpdesk support, performance reporting, usage reporting, network and real-time monitoring, as well as on-site management and complete conference production. We offer all of this because our goal is to make the technology you depend on to run your business reliable and worth your investment.

Partner With AVI-SPL for Your Video Conferencing Solution

Is your video conferencing system not delivering the ROI you’d expected? Have you been considering a video conferencing solution but aren’t sure you’re ready to make the investment? With the right design, installation and support, you can have the multipoint video conferencing that enhances your ability to collaborate and compete. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your video conferencing solution, need reliable, top-notch managed services support or just have general questions about video conferencing, give us a call at 1-866-559-8197. You can also email us at