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AVI-SPL Improves Remote Managed Services With Communicator Proxy

As InfoComm 2013 gets underway, AVI-SPL has just announced a new offering that expands our ability to monitor a customer’s AV equipment and video conferencing endpoints behind its firewall.

AVI-SPL’s Communicator Proxy provides standards-based polling of all IP-reachable devices within the customer’s network and reports the information back to our cloud-based VNOC Symphony® managed services platform in real-time. Instead of hundreds of devices trying to talk to the cloud through the enterprise firewall, all communication is consolidated through the proxy, which provides the information to the VNOC. It also allows commands from the VNOC to be sent securely to the client devices for call launches and device control. For more information, please read our press release on Communicator Proxy.

We’ve developed Communicator Proxy to help IT organizations limit the number of external connections to their corporate network. AVI-SPL is the only video managed service provider with this capability. Until now, all video managed service providers required a dedicated connection to customer networks in order to monitor meeting room equipment and launch video calls. AVI-SPL’s Communicator Proxy puts key modules of our VNOC Symphony® managed services platform behind the customer’s firewall and uses their standard ports in the firewall to communicate with Symphony.

Benefits of AVI-SPL’s Communicator Proxy

  • Monitoring: Standards-based polling of all devices within the customer’s network. Reports the information back to the VNOC Symphony cloud in real-time.
  • Management: A secure link from the Symphony cloud to the Communicator Proxy sends call launching and device control information to the hundreds of devices located on the secure network.
  • Secure Access: A secure, single egress point for VNOC personnel to access devices via their integrated remote management capabilities.

Stop by booth #2381 at infoComm 2013 in Orlando this June 12-14 to see a live demonstration of AVI-SPL’s Communicator Proxy. Learn more about how AVI-SPL is improving management of your meeting room spaces. Contact


AVI-SPL Connects the Community: Healthcare

Each environment has unique challenges that require specialized solutions. This week in our AVI-SPL Connects the Community series, CW Koellman, vice president of sales, AVI-SPL Medical, discusses trends and challenges in healthcare environments, specifically operating rooms.

The AVI-SPL Medical team has spent the last 13 years designing and integrating solutions that make it easy for doctors, surgeons, nurses and other healthcare staff to collaborate during operations.

Collaboration is a key consideration in hospital AV solution design. Traditional video conferencing connects video codecs to each other. Our Medical team created a video collaboration solution that, in essence, connects control systems to each other. When you connect two of our end-points, each end has complete access to the far-end sources. “So if I’m in an OR in New York and I’m connected with an OR in Los Angeles, I can see and hear everything that the surgeon in Los Angeles can see,” said Koellman. “I’ve got a touch panel in New York and it shows me all the sources that are in that other room in Los Angeles. And while I’m talking to that other surgeon, I can pull up any source that he/she can see. Nobody else does that, and our team has been doing it for a long time.”

Connecting systems throughout the hospital and beyond saves time and gives patients access to better care. For example, when an OR connects to Pathology, the pathologists get to see everything that’s going on in the OR. The surgeon can send a specimen to pathology, then the pathologist can look at it under a digital microscope and the surgeon can look at it (via video) at the same time. The technology makes it so the pathologist is an active participant in the OR without having to physically be there.  While he is a surgeon is doing surgery, that pathologist can consult with the surgeon about what he/she is seeing on that live video feed. With these network-based systems, collaborators can be down the hall or across the country and have identical interactions.

In addition, these highly-customizable IP-based solutions dramatically reduce the space requirement in operating rooms, which is always at a premium. Integrated OR systems allow nurses to quickly change the configuration of the room to accommodate different surgeons and/or procedures. Faster room-turn times means more procedures can be completed each day, which is better for both patients and the medical center.

Unlike other medical system providers, our solutions work with all medical AV technology. “Another one of our primary advantages is we are totally 100 percent agnostic.  I don’t care what camera or microphone you’ve got, I don’t care what any of the devices are in that OR, we can interface to them,” Koellman said. Our solutions incorporate sophisticated signal-conversion systems to connect any device to the system and to easily route those signals across the network to end-points throughout the facility and beyond.

These collaborative systems also allows for interactive learning. Lecturers can connect to multiple ORs from the lecture hall and switch between the audio and video feeds on the fly. The same systems that allow surgeons to remotely consult with specialists also connect students to OR video and audio feeds in real-time in the classroom.

When working with surgeons to design an integrated OR, our team focuses on what the surgeon is trying to accomplish, what’s lacking in the current system and what does the doctor want the system to do that it doesn’t do now. By starting here, our team creates a solution-focused system that’s easy to learn and simple to operate.

Join us at InfoComm 2013 to see how we connect these environments in booth #2381. During the show, we’re launching several exciting new solutions, so be sure to stop by to experience these systems in person. Can’t make it to the show? No worries! We’ll be sharing demo videos on YouTube all week long.

For your free InfoComm Expo Pass, use VIP code AVI1596.

New Epson BrightLink Interactive Meeting Room Projector

With Epson’s BrightLink Pro 1410 Wi projector, meeting participants can use any flat surface for sharing content and interacting with remote participants over video conferencing. This ultra short-throw projector streamlines collaboration and increases meeting productivity.

  • Annotation capability:  users can write over projected images, and save and share the new content
  • Connect up to four units on the same network for remote collaboration
  • No need for a PC

Watch the video below for a comprehensive overview of the new BrightLink’s capabilities.

Contact AVI-SPL to bring solutions like this into your conference room. You can also reach us at 866-559-8197.



ClearOne to Showcase Beamforming Microphone Array at InfoComm 2013

ClearOne, a partner with AVI-SPL, was a finalist in this past April’s Utah Innovation Awards for its new beamforming microphone array. That device, along with other new products, will be on display at the ClearOne booth (2059) at InfoComm in Orlando, June 12-14. Other products to be showcased include:

  • COLLABORATE® software-based video conferencing solutions
  • Wireless Microphone System
  • CONVERGE® USB network device

ClearOne plans a tour for members of the press to cover these new solutions in-depth, at booth #2059 on Wednesday, June 12 at 11:30 AM EST.

Read the complete press release on ClearOne at InfoComm 2013.


Mitsubishi Earns Highest Partner Status With AVI-SPL

Mitsubishi Electric is now an AVI-SPL Platinum Preferred Partner within our Preferred Supplier Program. With this designation, Mitsubishi is the first Platinum Partner named in AVI-SPL’s displays category, and the only to win Platinum status for all three of its product lines: projectors, flat panels, and video wall cube displays.

In the Mitsubishi press release, AVI-SPL VP of Display Solutions Rodney Laney states, “Manufacturers come and go, but Mitsubishi has been a very strong partner for many years. Designating Mitsubishi as a Platinum Preferred Partner is the best way for our two companies to strengthen our business relationship and continue growing our mutual customer base in the display market.”

Learn more about how AVI-SPL can help you with your video implementation. Contact