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Day Two at InfoComm 2015

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My knees aren’t nearly as sore as they were yesterday. Maybe that’s because they got used to all the relentless walking. Maybe I just can’t feel them anymore. In any case, my second day at InfoComm 2015 was another fruitful one. It began pre-show with a look at Sennheiser’s wireless microphones, and continued with a tour of the Microsoft, Biamp, Tannoy, and Shure booths.

The visits to Biamp, Tannoy and Shure seemed particularly fruitful for the higher education IT manager taking our Guided Technology Tour. He engaged with the booth reps, asking them specific technology questions, and shared the AV challenges in his department.

The Microsoft stop gave me a first-hand look at the new Surface Hub, the digital whiteboard/remote collaboration device for which AVI-SPL is one of the few channel partners in the U.S. and U.K. See our Microsoft Surface Hub page to learn more about this valuable tool for education and corporations, and to place an order.

At 2 p.m., I attended a talk given by John Antanaitis, VP of product and solution marketing for Polycom. John gave a look at Polycom products like its RealPresence Web Suite and RealConnect. He also offered his thoughts on a topic covered yesterday in an InfoComm panel: the workplace of the future. During his discussion, Antanaitis gave offered his advice for organizations:

  • Drive business transformation so that an organization can thrive in the workplace of the future
  • Give the mobile worker as productive an experience as someone working onsite — a quality that Antanaitis called “equitable collaboration.”

While on the exhibition floor, I made sure to snap pics of some booths I thought were well designed or eye-catching. They included:

  • Panasonic’s projection mapping across a Tesla model S
  • Stampede’s Old West-themed booth
  • The 1950s malt shop created by Yamaha

Tesla car with Panasonic projectionStampede booth at InfoComm

Yamaha booth at InfoComm 2015

Making Sense of Unified Communications at InfoComm 2015

Joe Laezza speaks at InfoComm session on Unified Communications

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In my previous post, I touched on first-day impressions of InfoComm 2015, and the ideas that emerged from a session on “Workspaces for Tomorrow.”

Now I want to recap the IMCCA meeting that followed, “UC as a Service: Has the Cloud Changed Our Sweet Spot?” The lively Simon Dudley, who accurately calls himself a Chief Contrarian, led a group of panelists that included experts from Polycom, Starleaf, Cisco, AVI-SPL, Videxio, and Blue Jeans. The session started with Simon posing a simple but thorny question: “What is unified communications?”

One response described it as video, content, audio, instant messaging, and email all brought together, which felt a bit incomplete. Another definition put it in terms of actions rather than technology: talk, connect, share, and be able to look back at what was covered. The Blue Jeans panelist provided an answer that gave context to the others: UC provides the ability to shift from any form of communication to another.

Joe Laezza, AVI-SPL SVP of UCC and Service Solutions, followed that line of thinking by asserting that UC is not a technology, but rather an application.

Other highlights from the panel:

  • Small companies can have the same collaboration tools as those used by larger ones.
  • Solutions have to suit the means of communication. I took this to mean that unified communications systems must unify those devices people prefer to use when they connect and collaborate with one another.
  • The convenience afforded by a technology surpasses any other benefit a supplier may use to convince a customer.
  • The supplier of unified communications technology is often as important as the technology itself, as clients will need ongoing support for their systems.
  • Combinations of cloud and on-premise solutions will give end users the quality and convenience they want.
  • Context and content will become more important as collaborators have multi-site video sessions between their in-person meetings.
  • Cloud-hosted UC services will become more secure than those kept on-premise.
  • Three years from now, the UC market will be dominated by a small number of video-in-the-cloud carriers. This should be a good development, as the cloud, because it removes pressure off of IT departments, is putting business decisions in the hands of business people.

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Tannoy Speakers Shown at ISE 2014

Tannoy QFlex line speaker arrayAVI-SPL has used Tannoy products in many projects for our clients — including Hakkasan in Dubai.  Tannoy’s commercial audio products were showcased at last week’s ISE 2014 and included:

Fill out our contact form or call AVI-SPL at 866-559-8197 for help with designing and integrating the high-quality sound system that you want for your venue.

Sony Showcases 4K Displays at ISE 2014

At last week’s ISE 2014 in Amsterdam, Sony gave visitors a look at its 4K products, including:

SRX-T615 digital projector — with seamless edge blending

Short-throw and ultra-throw projectors for the education and corporate markets, including the VPL-FHZ55

Take a look at some of the clients we’ve helped with video display solutions. Contact AVI-SPL at 866-559-8197 or fill out our contact form for help with integrating the professional AV solutions that improve your organization’s operations.




Belden Opens Customer Collaboration Center

Belden Broadcast BoothBelden’s Customer Collaboration Center in Indianapolis, Ind., gives guests a hand-on introduction to the capabilities of the company’s end-to-end signal distribution products. With guidance from industry experts, customers can interact with the product displays and build a customized solution that improves the transmission of data, audio and video signals.

Along with four conference rooms for video collaboration, a café and a lounge, the Customer Collaboration Center includes a broadcast studio, a complete data center, as well as industrial networking and on-machine solutions.

The broadcast studio is fully functional and demonstrates Belden’s integrated solutions. Here, guests can take part in a live recording and receive a flash drive of their experience.


To schedule a tour of the Customer Collaboration Center, visit the Belden website and make a reservation.

See the Collaboration Center in this Belden video. Have questions or need guidance on how to integrate these solutions into your space? Contact AVI-SPL at 866-559-8197, or