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How to Deal With Video Security in the Public Sector

Video conferencing improves the way we do business. But it’s vital that you stay on top of the latest cyber security issues related to videoconferencing, BYOD, and shadow IT.

This free whitepaper will explore:

  • The value of enterprise-grade video conferencing services and solutions
  • The resulting shadow IT risks and threats for organizations adopting BYOD policies.
  • How IT can promote secure, cost-effective, and performance-intensive video conferencing services.

If you are already using video collaboration systems in your agency or organization, or are considering adopting this very positive business trend, download Video, Security and the Risks of Shadow IT in the Public Sector.

Top 10 Strategies for Deploying Mobility in Your Agency

Mobility is already in your enterprise, whether you are aware of it or not. With the growing BYOD (bring your own device) trend taking hold in government agencies, the workplace has evolved. Yet, the public sector is addressing the mobility issue at a very slow pace.

It’s natural that maximizing mobility remains a complex issue for government agencies and public sector companies. And while security is one of the biggest roadblocks in the way of mobility, there are other factors making an impact on mobile adoption rates as well.

Download “Top Strategies to Deploy Mobility in the Public Sector.”

This free, easily downloadable whitepaper will explore:

  • The present state of mobility in the enterprise, identifying loopholes and key areas of concern.
  • The need for proper strategies that address some challenges of mobility adoption and deployment, and help public sector organizations harness its benefits.
  • The top strategies you need to develop, manage, and sustain a successful mobile work environment in the public sector.
  • Ten highly actionable areas of focus for successful mobile adoption.

How Video is Revolutionizing the Workplace

Mobile technology is by far the biggest factor driving change in the modern workplace. And government agencies are not immune. Mobile has revolutionized traditional employment with concepts like BYOD, remote working, and the virtual workplace, and while the private sector is definitely the frontrunner in embracing the digitally driven work environment, government agencies are beginning to dip their feet into mobility and mobile-driven concepts.

This free, easily downloadable whitepaper will explore:

  • The opportunities, challenges, and five key elements of an enterprise mobility strategy.
  • Why state government needs to develop strategies that empower agencies to embrace mobile technology.
  • How state government can deploy these solutions while still remaining focused on simplicity, security, and the risks related to BYOD.

Download “The Role of Mobility in Workplace Transformation.”

How to Optimize Video and Mobility Across Agencies

With mobility, big data, and social media heavily impacting private sector businesses, it is not surprising that these same trends are emerging in the public sector.

Download this whitepaper to learn about the need for a shared approach that can help your agency scale. At the same time, we will address security and availability challenges of shared IT deployments, and discuss how to address them through IT best practices.

Download “Reaching Optimization: Video Intra/Inter Network Federation and Shared Mobility.”

How AV Tech Brings Citizens and Government Together

AVI-SPL VP of Sales Tracie Bryant looks at the efforts of cities, including San Francisco and Westland, MI, to engage the public with technology that brings government functions closer to those they serve. The same types of AV technology are also largely intended to improve the quality of life for citizens. Get inspired when you read about examples of what these cities are doing in “How AV Tech Brings Citizens and Government Together.”

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