How do you install a 700-lb Panasonic display? Very carefully.

View from the third floor
View from the third floor

By Jeff Fink, VP of Sales

Note to Self: Never assume anything. Especially if a 700-lb, 103” monitor is involved.

When a client wanted to upgrade the AV equipment in his 3rd-floor Washington, D.C. boardroom, we determined that a 103” Panasonic plasma display was the ideal solution.

Our team has delivered and installed large screens into buildings all over DC for years. Surely this client’s building, like all the others, would have a freight elevator or at least a few large stairwells, right?

A crane hoisted the Panasonic display to the window
A crane hoisted the Panasonic display to the window


Not only did the building lack a real freight elevator, but the stairwells were narrow with low-hanging pipes. A simple delivery quickly became a real challenge.

We called in the experts – piano movers and building engineers. Our group came up with a solution: Take a window out of the building, close one of the nearby streets and hire a crane.

A half hour later, the display was in the room.

No install is too difficult for AVI-SPL.

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