How to Plan for Meeting-Room Technology in Your Organization

When you know how much and what type of space companies have, you have valuable information for shaping your organization’s spaces. Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) surveyed 81 companies around the world to determine their occupancy metrics. In its “Occupancy Planning Annual Report,” read the results to learn:

  • How to measure space utilization
  • Insights to shape your occupancy strategy
  • Which technology tools they use to manage their real estate
  • Ways companies are saving on real estate costs

AVI-SPL is a JLL Synergy Partner, the only one dedicated to meeting-solutions technology. When working with JLL for your office space, turn to Synergy partner AVI-SPL for best practices in workspace design, meeting-room solutions, and technology lifecycle management. To learn more about reducing real estate costs, visit our resource page —  Workplaces Strategies for Commercial Real Estate and Facilities Professionals.

Download the “Occupancy Planning Annual Report” >

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