Creative Show Services support Governor Bush’s Educational Summit

Boston, Mass. – AVI-SPL’s Creative Show Services team took part in the 2013 National Summit on Education Reform that was held Oct. 17-18.

The Summit is the flagship initiative of the Foundation for Excellence in Education. FEE was founded in 2008 by former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. The National Summit’s main goal is to share strategies to improve the quality of education for all children. The two-day reform event attracted 800+ participants from across America and around the world, combined with heavy media attention. In addition, all sessions were made available to the general public via live stream.

For AVI-SPL, this was the second year to service the event. Last year the Summit took place in Washington, D.C. We provided all the audio, video, lighting equipment, as well as the set designs. For the Strategy Sessions, we created smaller stage sets that matched the look and feel of the General Session.

Governor Bush personally acknowledged AVI-SPL’s professionalism saying, “Thank you for the great AV work at our Summit. I am so appreciative.”

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