Visually Demonstrate Math Concepts with SMART™ Notebook Math Tools

SMART Notebook Math ToolsCreate, explore, evaluate and solve with SMART Notebook Math Tools. As an add-on to the award-winning SMART Notebook software, this exciting program combines all the tools needed to teach math in a single application. Gone are the days of switching between multiple software applications for tools to make math engaging and understandable. The software’s customizable toolbar is built into SMART Notebook software, so it’s quick and easy for you to access and incorporate dynamic resources into your lessons.

With this software, teachers have an easy way to demonstrate math concepts visually, and make their lessons more interactive and easier to comprehend. SMART Notebook Math Tools provides teachers all the tools they need to progress through an entire math concept – from lesson preparation to graphing and solving complex equations.

The large selection of dynamic and intuitive tools includes an advanced equation editor, Texas Instruments™ emulator launcher, custom graph builder, shape divider, advanced measurement tools, and table and graphing tools. Teachers can easily demonstrate changes and relationships in math concepts using these flexible resources. The software also offers handwriting recognition for mathematical equations. Teachers and students can simplify, solve and graph handwritten equations, making SMART Notebook Math Tools ideal for use on a SMART Board™ interactive whiteboard.

SMART Math is now available for order. Call your AVI-SPL sales representative for more details (800) 282-6733 or email us at .

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  1. christine brzycki December 17, 2009 at 8:44 pm

    i am interesting in a price for the SMART notebook math tools package.
    thank you!

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