NEC’s New Large Venue Projector

NEC logoNEC Display Solutions announces their latest in the NP Installation Series projectors – the NP4100. With the ability to create screen sizes from 40 to 500 inches (at projection distances between 2.6 and 283 feet), the NP4100 projector is perfect for auditoriums, training and network centers where there are high levels of ambient light. Audiences can enjoy larger and easier to view images due to its high level of brightness at 6200 ANSI lumens.

NEC NP4100

The NP4100 also combines advanced features and innovative technologies, created to extend the life of the projector for increased use at the same rigorous level. ECO Mode™ technology increases lamp life by up to 25% and decreases fan noise. Quick Power Off technology protects the lamp during cool down with temperature monitoring, preventing the projector from powering on until the lamp is properly cooled. In addition, a sealed dust-resistant optical system was specifically designed to decrease the long-term effects unwanted particles can have on a projector. This enables the NP4100 to deliver crisp, distortion-free images throughout its lifecycle, even while enduring the rigors of 24/7 applications. The projector will be shipping this month.

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