Fundraising with the VariQuest Awards Maker

Sports seasons are in full swing. If you have a lot of attendants for school games and parking is troublesome, why not create “season parking passes” with the Awards Maker? You can sell hang tags for attendants to hang from their rear-view mirror that get them access to the sought after parking spots!

Take time to promote school spirit and raise some funds for your school at the same time. During a sporting event, make an announcement that you’re going to have a battle between the school spirit of the two teams. You’re going to count how many school stickers they can buy by the end of the game. Take your Awards Maker and Design Center to the game to print stickers and bumper stickers to sell to the spectators. Between quarters, give the audience an update on who is winning to try and ramp up the sales!

Click here for an example of how to use your Awards Maker

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