Crestron Adds the Power of Digital Connectivity to Your Classroom

Today’s instructors have the latest MacBooks, but how do you use their power to add connectivity to your classroom? Crestron has simple solutions for adding digital connectivity to existing analog rooms, whether they are basic, single-projector or MPS/QuickMedia® (QM) systems.

Single-Projector Room.

The Challenge:
You need to add a digital input at the podium and transmit HDMI more than 30 feet to the projector.

The Solution:
Install a Crestron HD-TX1-F transmitter at the podium to add the digital input for the MacBook, and an HD-RX1-F at the projector. Transmitter and receiver are connected with one pre-terminated, multimode fiber strand, such as CresFiber® CLEAR, which is transparent similar to fishing wire. The clear fiber is practically invisible laid along baseboards and moldings, so you don’t have to break walls and to provide a clean, professional installation. This is an easy, inexpensive solution that won’t disrupt classes. Extend HDMI, IR and RS-232 up to 1000 feet and add DVI and DisplayPort multimode connectivity to the room without any programming.

If you need more digital inputs – say you want to add a Blu-ray player too – use the HD-TX3-F/HD-RX3-F pair, which additionally extends analog audio and USB keyboard/mouse. Also, an Ethernet port enables network connectivity to RoomView™ asset management and help desk software.

Add Room Control

An MPC-M5 Media Presentation Controller™ is simple to install in the podium or on the wall. The MPC has an intuitive Composer wizard that sets up the room in minutes, without programming. Simple, labeled button presses on the MPC are all the instructors need to power on the projector, choose the video or computer source and adjust volume.

Optional Audio Enhancement

Instead of relying on low power, built-in projector speakers, add sound reinforcement with the optional MP-AMP30 amplifier and Crestron FS6 speaker pair. Just a couple of check boxes in the MPC Composer wizard and even students at the back of the class will be able to hear clearly.

Existing MPS/QM Room

The Challenge:
You want to add digital connectivity to an existing analog room, but you don’t want to replace currently installed equipment or tear open walls.

The Solution:
A DM-TX-200 (or DM-TX-200-2G) DigitalMedia™ (DM) transmitter paired with a DM-RMC-100 DigitalMedia™ receiver gives you a simple, seamless upgrade path for adding digital sources to your existing systems.

Instead of the analog outputs of the MPS going directly to display device, use the VGA output to transmit all those signals to the DM-TX-200. A recent upgrade to the MPS enables all analog signals to be sent over a single VGA cable. The DM-TX-200 also features HDMI and USB inputs. The USB port accommodates keyboard/mouse control and the HDMI port can also handle DisplayPort from Macs using a standard adapter. All analog and digital signals are transported long distance over a single DM cable to the receiver, which outputs HDMI to the display.

If you need more digital inputs, use a DM-MD6X1 6X1 switcher in place of the TX-200. The 6X1 accommodates (1) digital input, (1) component and (3) DM inputs.

Crestron DigitalMedia accepts and distributes all analog audio and video, high-res computer, HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort, Ethernet and USB keyboard / mouse control over a single DM copper wire or fiber.

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